if we could bring them back…

My mum died 1995 and my uncle 2004. Gerry’s parents died in the 90’s also. We often talk about them and what it would be like to bring them back for a day.To let them watch TV, and listen to how we talk. “Go online and check it out … google it!”  … “I’ll text you later!” … drive them around, and they’ll see signs outside businesses saying “Visit us on Facebook”!

They’d be totally baffled, it wouldn’t make any sense at all.

My uncle lived long enough to experience a little bit of it all. At first he was annoyed when he heard them telling web addresses on the radio, to Swedish websites because the diacritics were missing from our three, ‘extra’ letters å, ä and ö. Our city of Härnösand, for example, turned out Harnosand, which changes the word totally … not to mention towns like Mönsterås, that sounds hilarious without the dots … Monsteras! He argued that in this day and age of cutting edge technology, one would think they’d be able to make the letters å, ä and ö!

However, he learned to take advantage of the web, and often called me up, and asked me to check out this and that on the web. I’d showed him the computer, and explained how it was possible that my cousin in Florida and I could ‘talk’ with each other.

When it comes to the Internet, I’m so thankful that I am the age I am! I wouldn’t have wanted to be born into this — I’m sure the kids, born in the 90’s take the web for granted, the same way I [almost] did with the telephone! I’ve been alive to experience and live the wonders of all this, and I’m still in awe.

No Spring in sight here, and more snow to come on Wednesday!


18 thoughts on “if we could bring them back…

  1. Yes, our world is entirely different to what it was in our parents’ day; they would be baffled by the technology that we all live with now on a day-to-day basis. In fact, I think they would be terrified of it. I’m glad I got to be able to enjoy and understand some of it at least!

    1. Barb,
      I think so too. My mum was confused even by the fact that I could re-direct my phone number — that I could answer my ordinary phone, even though I was somewhere else.

      When will you be going back, Barb?

      1. Not sure if my hubby’s health could cope with such a long and tedious journey Reb. Also the fact that my mother passed away three months ago gives me less reason to go – except to visit my siblings and Paul’s family. Playing it by ear at the moment, as I would like to go over just one more time.

  2. The weather is “confused” here as well… It’s been incredibly cold the last two nights, but supposed to be more seasonable for the next few days: around 0*C; sunny today, rain Wednesday, snow Thursday & Saturday… And, after the the flash-freeze last weekend, there are loads of “instant rinks” (like the one in your photo: )
    Hang in there; Spring will arrive eventually (right?)

  3. My father was an electrical engineer, so he played around with some of the first computers that became publicly available. I remember looking at the lines of green code and a big clumsy green rectangle – the cursor – blinking away.

    Whoever thought even for one moment thinking it would be like it is today?

    1. Yes! The green and the black! I even remember when someone told me how to invert the colours! The IBM that filled up a whole conference room. Who would have thought…even dreamt …“cursor” was one of the first ‘computer words’ I learned 😀

  4. Monsteras? Hilarious! 😀
    Most of my family members are dead too and they didn’t have the chance to experience internet. My dad lived long enough to have the opportunity, but he had no idea what to do with computers.
    One time he called me to notify me that my computer was up and running (I was away somewhere) and he wondered what to do with it.
    “Just turn it off”, I said.
    “How do I do that?”
    “Well, you take the mouse and then you click on…”
    “What?!? Mouse? No, I’ll just pull out the plug.”
    “Yes, I guess you can do that. That works too.”

    1. LOL Good one, about the mouse! 😀 All those mice have made for such hilarious jokes. We had a midwife, working in our clinic, and she told me she was more used to an entirely different kind of mouse…

  5. My mom died in 97. Just little time after I started messing with internet.
    She was more savvy then me on lots of things Had a big Canon camera that I couldn’t operate and one of those huge video cameras that sat on your shoulder. She wanted to learn computer but didn’t have time. She would have had a ball. I miss her so!

  6. Oh that would be interesting wouldn’t it!?

    My Dad, that will be 80 in October is really into computers!! He even build a computer with the help of one of his grandkids some years ago!

    My Mom on the other hand… she do not want to have anything to do with it! LOL She do not want a cellphone either! She is absolutely not fond of any new techniqual stuff!

    Yeah winter is hanging on here as well…

    1. See how different we all are! And that’s the beauty of it all. I feel that they’re [your mum an all the others] missing out on so much, but it’s their choice and they’re happy with it. I’ve tried to ‘convert’ people like your mum, but it just doesn’t work 🙂

      1. Yes I agree! How fun would it be if we ALL were exactly alike!!???

        No it is no idea to convert my Mom LOL

  7. I am so glad wer are friends & the smae age…i was just saying to my other friend Judith yesterday who is a year older we were born at the ‘right time’. We were able to be with our Grandparents & Autns & Unckes & learn the history from 1900-1950’s from them. I read alot also. I remember when there was NO phone (til I was 2 yrs old)….I remember no TV until I was almost 4 yrs old. We became hooked quickly…my 1st recollection of TV was “Perry Mason” with Raymond Burr. I would sit on my Nanna’s knee & reach out for the screen & say “Daddy, Daddy” over & over (they were born same day & year & DID look similar in early years).
    Ok back to the timeline. Our generations has seen so much change in such a short period of time. We have advanced quickly in 50+ years.
    I hope to be around for at least another 42 so I can see 100 years of Life for myself. That would be fabulous!!!! 😉

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