If You Leave

What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?”

That was a question in WordPress Daily Prompt yesterday. Usually, I don’t do prompts, but I smiled as I read that one and thought; ‘Easy one! Could answer that with one word! Facebook!’

A week or two ago, I wrote about leaving Facebook. Well … I was back there shortly afterwards. Not because I couldn’t stay away, but I moderate a group there that I really like. Guess I kind of forgot about that when I hit ‘deactivate’. What does it matter anyway — motivational quotes are better than whining about futile stuff.

Instead of hanging around there, I’ve decided to once again give Google+ a try. It is a great service, the mobile apps are beautiful, and I really want to like it/get into it. The other times I joined, I made mistakes and now I’ll try and turn them to my advantage … make better use of the circles, for one. I subscribe to oodles of technology people/sites, and this time I’ve separated them into one circle. Last time, I had some photography stuff that totally clogged up my stream.

I’ll take it slowly, try and find some meaningful conversations to join. If you; anyone of my blogging buddies here, use Google+ … feel free to add me [link beneath this post].

The white horse in the picture has nothing to do with this post … it’s just a horse I shot, last summer, in Sweden. Outside, the snowstorm is howling … we have blizzard conditions, it’s pretty wild!

34 Replies to “If You Leave”

  1. He(or she) is beautiful: )
    Hang in, for better weather’s on the way (fantastically sunny, but still colder than…):

  2. I’m on G+ have been for ages, but rarely use it. I also tried tumblr after a WP post (!) so now my posts go to that and do zilch on there and so do I. Still it looks pretty. Did you ever watch the childhood prog White Horses? The owman who sang the British theme tune answers comments on the Youtube vid really interesting.

    1. Tumblr is another, popular, service that I’ve never got the full grasp of.

      I had not seen this show before, but I wish it had been around when I was young. I watched this little episode here on YouTube [and read her comments]. It’s definitely a series I would have loved!

      1. i don’t understand tumblr at all. I don’t tweet because I write more than 140 characters at once. Tumblr does look pretty though so I wish I knew how to do something with it!

        I LOVED white horse. I would dash in from school and sit in front of the television singing along with it. I can still sing it now 😀 On my horses etc etc I think it is great that Jackie Lee keeps up to the comments. As someone who watched the series, it is so nice to read her interest in peoples’ comments. Apparently it was a Yugoslav/south German production.

        Your white horse just brought it back to mind immediately. Forgot to say what a lovely photo it was as I was too busy white horsing!

        1. I would use Twitter if I only had something to say. I think it could probably be a great tool … now I use it as a news source only.

          It’s exactly the type of show I would have loved. We didn’t have many shows on TV back then, and only one channel … most of what we got were either British or American. We were all glued to the TV, no matter how silly it was 🙂

  3. Google plus is difficult to navigate. FB is confusing. And much more. I avoid all of them. Sorry, so negative I know….

    1. The privacy settings in FB are confusing, and many other things too. THEY seem to decide what I’m supposed to read, and I don’t like that.

      Can’t agree about Google+, and definitely not in the app — it’s such a delight to log in there, on the phone!

      No worries about being negative … we can’t all like the same things LOL

      1. My wife and I were just now discussing how Samsung and other device manufacturers force people to keep bloat ware on their privately owned devices. That’s just wrong. You know, those annoying apps you can’t ever delete? And if you root the device, you risk making it a paperweight

  4. Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous animal. That is strange but I had taken everyone out of circles and quit G+ year before last and thought of going back myself. I quit because of privacy issues and the fact they are sharing with the U.S. government and no telling who else but I would probably be pretty boring to snoop on.

    1. Boring to snoop on or not; it’s the principle of it, don’t you think, Suz?
      I mean, whatever happened to “presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt…”? Are some laws – like “the right to bear arms” – considered more important than others? Sorry, but I just don’t get it. (And the same sort of slippage/blurring of the lines is happening up here, as well):

    2. This is in reply to both you, Suz, and Deb;
      I’ve given these issues A LOT of thought. I agree with Deb about the principles of it all. However … if I’d allow for principles or fear to run my life, I’d have to get off the web altogether. That, I will not do, because this is what I love to do. It’s a personal choice. Besides … my digital footprint is all over the place, as I’ve been here since 1996.

      Deb; the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is a discussion I’ll leave for another blog, and something I got all the good reasons to think about during the DSK case, a couple of years ago.

      1. “DSK case”… Was that the one about the (now)convicted high-profile community member we discussed here a while back?
        And, about the internet, yes damned if you do and damned if you don’t…

          1. Oh geez, NOW I remember! Just refreshed my memory on the DS-K: a nasty example of the “he said”, “she said” basic character assassination…

            1. Yes! But they were so quick to judge him. In the media, he was found guilty more or less the same day he was arrested. ….and then the perp walk, that’s something I wasn’t used to, but apparently is an North American custom…

  5. I really enjoy posting the entries for my blog–but I’m not really into any of the other social media. I never can decide whether or not I’m missing anything.

  6. I often consider leaving FB, but I have contact to some politicians and some interesting groups, so I think it will be by the thought.
    I have almost left TV- and it has lasted very long time.
    We have had the mildest winter I can remember, in this month it has been 10-15 C- in March!!! it has often been freezing in this month with lots of snow- last year was one of them. The white horse is beautiful.

    1. Hej Annette! 🙂
      Same here … two groups I really enjoy! I’ll just let it stay as it is. The TV is on here in the evenings, but I don’t pay all that much attention to it.

      I hope this last snowstorm was the last … enough is enough LOL

  7. There has been some terrible weather over your way the past 2 weeks Rebby! We still have so much snow & frigid temps also….Winter really seems to be enjoying it self in Canada this year!!!
    If I could leave somewhere/something it would be to leave the building I live in. Gossip is rampant & I have had to straighten quite a few people about Nylablue’s illness & care. It will not matter that I have tried. People here are mean spirited so if I could I would leave here with her & go somewhere by ourselves to live.
    If only I could…..
    Sherri-Ellen xo

    1. Wow … that’s terrible! What a strange place. Here, we only say ‘hi how are you’ and some pleasantry about the weather. I’m not on any other term with them … and I’m sure going to let it stay that way!

  8. Love horses!
    Over a year ago when I was sick and had several operations in a row – I deactivated my FB account. Thing is when I came back I had lost couple friends. It was people I really liked. I think maybe they thought I had deleted them or ignored them? I’m not sure and it still kinda bothers me.
    Have never been to G+. I have hard enough time with this one here.
    Guess I won’t be leaving anything for awhile.

    1. They probably went through their friends list, and thought you were gone for real. Think I’ve done it myself at times, when I’ve looked over that list. Too bad. Can’t you find them again?

      I have a hard time with Google+ … don’t think it’s for me..

  9. As you live in a ‘normal’ building that can happen. here there are 56 units spread out on 2 floors. Small apartments….people meetting in hallways all the time. Alot of gossip. People sit in lobby now perched like vultures watching others coming & going & asking questions….nosey to the max. People sit upstairs in the alcove doing the same when people come off elevator. It is very unpleasant to be ‘under the microscope’ of these idiots!!! I have no taken to going to garbage/recycling room @ 11 pm at nite. Check mail at that time too. Use side door to avoid the front lobby; if I go to visit anyone on 2nd floor I am dragging myself up side stairs to avoid using elevator. This place is seriously CRAZY!
    If I try to ‘run the gauntlet’ it makes me angry & frustrated so to avoid is by far the easier way to survive living here… 😉
    Sherri-Ellen xxx

    1. That is terrible. We’re apparently very blessed here. However, lots of little, old ladies, gather every Tuesdays, downstairs … and I have no idea what they talk about *grin* …not sure I wanna know..

    1. It’s difficult to make new contacts … I don’t know many there, and I don’t know … one has to engage in it, and make comments … depends on how much I really WANT it..

      That was a lovely horse..

  10. LOL I hear you Rebby!!! Actually ‘little old ladiez’ older than 80 are not a problem..I am finding it is people our age up to late 60’s are the problem here….I could smack the lot of them!!!
    Sad that people do not know what boundaries are & have respect for others….such is Life!
    At least when I close my door I have my own space & no trespassers allowed 😉

  11. Trust me there are a few who have tried to be “pop ins” & I discouraged that quickly. I have made it clear that I prefer a phone call to a knock on the door & IF they knock & have no called ahead of time they risk either a) me not answering or b) me being very abrupt.
    That puts people off. Sad that one has to establish such hard boundaries…..but I value my own place & my own company. My time is valuable even if they do not understand. 😉

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