very few people will be…

interested in this — it will be another post that one, perhaps two will find worthwhile to read. I’ll write it anyway, because I love stuff like this.

Some time ago, Automattic (=WordPress) acquired a service named CloudUp. I read about it, pretty much shrugged, at first, but as always, my curiosity got the better of me, so I installed it. Since then, it’s been sitting there in the bar at the top of my screen, doing nothing.

The other night, I somehow discovered to easy and convenient it was to just drag stuff [screen shots, pictures, highlighted text and so on] up to that little C — the icon for CloudUp, and get a URL for sharing or whatever I wanted to do with it … store some text, perhaps. Let’s say, for example, that you’re engrossed in something online, but you come across a quote that you find totally irresistible: Hightlight it, and just drag it with your mouse  to CloudUp.

If you don’t store all your photos in there, it’s a neat and handy little service, for quick sharing. It’s still in «invitation only-mode» but you get them rather swiftly, and I have a few, should anyone be interested.

Now, I’m not the spokesperson for Automattic or CloudUp, there are other services out there that do the same thing — Simplenote, just to mention one. Which brings me to next topic…

Since the days of FriendFeed came to a halt in 2008, I must have lived in some kind of oblivious dream world. Before, I used to be on top of all new and shiny gadgets there was on the web. Then I lost it! This wasn’t only because of FriendFeed, but also because they all started talking so much about apps for the iPhone, and there I was lost, as I didn’t have one. Now I do — a little late in the game, but still!

Most of my life, I’ve kept some kind of diary. This has gone in cycles, and never too ambitious, but still little scribbles from time to time. It’s nice to have and look back over the years. This past year, I’ve used DayOne for this purpose. It’s only for Mac/iPhone/iPad but absolutely terrific. It’s a beautiful app! However … all that said, I found myself wanting something that I could read/write online too … in the web browser. It’s just me … I have hang-ups like that 🙂

Started searching, and in all the hundreds of hits, EverNote seemed to be on top. At first, I got almost annoyed, because I’ve had EverNote since 2008 and never paid attention to it. I had the impression that it was complicated (!) and it wasn’t for me — only for people with businesses or a very busy lifestyle [very popular expression these days!]. I have neither 🙂 In any event, since it’s so popular, I felt I needed to check it out again to see what it could do in the way of journal-keeping. A whole new world opened up to me! It does all the things I’ve mentioned above — now I have a little elephant I can drag stuff to! 😀

First off, I found a little “add-on” or plugin, vJournal, for quick entries in my journal. It lives on all three devices; Mac, iPhone and iPad. Even if I’m … against all odds … very active, and write many notes in one day, they’re automatically merged in one for each date. Terrific!

And if you haven’t fallen asleep yet, I also found out about for EverNote. You can post blogs, directly from EverNote. WordPress is not yet supported, however. I signed up in order to see how it works, and you end up with a full-blown blog — that you could possibly use as a tumbl blog. Here’s mine: The comment system there is powered by Disqus.

‘WHY would I want all this stuff’, you ask?! “Because it’s fun, or for the adventure of it all”, I say 🙂

35 Replies to “very few people will be…”

      1. I did and wondered if I should start with Evernote. I keep a journal (on paper), old school you know. Doing this on line might help me clear all the sticky notes I have.

        1. EverNote is the place to start… and don’t get intimidated by the looks … all the «Notebooks» and stuff. I don’t know why I felt that way at first..

              1. First off, I signed up with my email address and not a username. Now I am unhappy with the long email address they gave me and have written support to see if I can change it, if not, then I will deactivate and start all over, if I can.

                1. Hey … that email address is just for when you want to post by email. Typically, you use the app or the web, but in any event, you might not have gotten the user-ID you wanted. It’s easy to delete account, or just sign up for a new one. But if you don’t delete, your email address will appear as ‘taken’.

                  When you sign up for a new one, from their homepage; don’t fill in the green box, but rather click on the gray Sign In, in the upper right corner, and go from there. That way, you’ll get the chance to choose a user-name right away.

  1. Terrific post.

    I am not sure what the relationship between Cloudup and Simplenote will be in the future, They are both owned by Automattic. Some kind of mashup of the two, perhaps?

    I was using nvALT with Simplenote until recently and then switched to Ulysses.

    Haha – I didn’t remember I had a Cloudup account. Here is my first upload:

    Wild upload

    Meanwhile, you know the feeling when you ‘lose’ a URL?

    I ‘lost’ a URL I was looking at recently. It was a digital agency and the homepage had a nice sketch on it explaining what they did. Drat, and similar expressive words…

    So I’ve been looking at Yojimbo from Barebones Software. It’s not Evernote, I know, but I have been a bit lukewarm towards Evertnote for some reason. Maybe I should look at it again before I make a decision.

    1. Thank you! I looked at Ulysses now. It looks really nice. I’ve lost so many URL:s it isn’t funny. Particularly not in these days, when I have all the tools at my fingertips. This will change now 🙂

      I still don’t know what it was about Evernote that made me reject it for all those years — somehow I found it both intimidating and overwhelming, and NOW I can’t understand why?!

    1. Yeah, I had it sitting there all the time, and did nothing with it. It’s really neat for a quick share. Now I have the little Evernote elephant, though 🙂

  2. I STILL have the little elephant sitting around on the top bar of my macbook. But I’ve found it intimidating and overwhelming just like you did, only I still do! So I dunno if I’ll ever be bold enough to use it. I admire your guru skills and instincts, though, Rebekah.You are my idol.

  3. You are SO-O tech savvy!! I love reading your blogs about these programs altho I never use any of them. It is still very interesting whether I use them or not.
    On a different note I sent you the link to Nylablue’s blog where she explains what happened last week & over the weekend but it kept bouncing back so here is the link…

    As for the reference to ‘baskin’ shark it is supposed to be basking shark but Nylablue does not pronounce her g’s at all…lol.. so then it would be ‘basking’ in the Sun….sometimes I need an interpreter too! LOL
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

  4. I’ve only recently tried Evernote myself. I’m still learning but it’s already turning out to be an awesome tool for blogging and for my endless lists!! I’ll be checking out some of these other programs now too!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all these programs! I also have never given EverNote a second glance because – psh, what do I need that for, I don’t have 8 different schedules and jobs to keep on track. But I do journal and bookmark lots of things, so you’ve inspired me to check it out! I still have an app store gift card from buying my computer last year, so I really have no excuse.

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by!
      It’s amazing how many people had the same, first impression, me included — exactly the same as you. Perhaps not so good for them, that people feel that way at first! But now I love it, I keep discovering uses for it, more than my journaling.. so easy to save stuff that I want to read later — all in one place!

  6. There is almost way too much for me to grasp between my iPhone and laptop. My brains hard-drive is getting close to maximum capacity.
    I think i need to get a marker and put searching…..,searching…..searching on my forehead.
    I am constantly saving quotes and other stuff and just put it here and there and then forget!

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