25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

  1. Ist a very good picture, and in some way livsbekræftende ( couldnt find a proper English word for that).

    1. Thanks! Yes, it looks really unusual … we went back one time, when there was less leaves, you could see a little bit more of the house, but not much.

    1. Thanks … yeah, one would like to know what happened.
      Was meaning to write to you last night and find out what happened.. but had a bad headache and went to bed..

  2. No problem Rebby! Oh my spelling was atrocious last nite; typing in the dark again….lol…
    I wonder if that was a pioneer house?? or an old farmhouse…we have MANY abandoned houses & farm house around here & they make for great photography!
    I hope you got some rest & that headache passed quickly!
    Love Sherri-Ellen xo
    P.S.: Nylalbue sneds her “eeeowwz” & ~~head rubz~~ to McDuff..

  3. Love love love!! What a view they must have had, the ones that once lived in that house!

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