somewhat disappointed

Came down with a bad cold — think it reached its peak yesterday. This had me disabled … couldn’t even play the word game on the iPhone, because I couldn’t think! 🙂 Yesterday was spent on the couch … sneezing, blowing nose. It’s a nasty, little bug that has me in its grip!

I’m reading Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel «The Longest Ride». Was on a waiting list for a long time, and I was so looking forward to reading it. When I first found out about this author — when I’d read the first book — I literally devoured all the others! This was my type of nightly reading.

However … I’m 80 pages into this latest one, and it still doesn’t have me excited. It’s strange, I can’t pinpoint what it is. It’s not bad, and I will finish it, for sure, but … it’s not like  the other ones, where I couldn’t wait to pick it up and go on reading! Perhaps he was just trying too hard, or it’s just me?! Other people might love it!

Had the same feeling with Dan Brown’s «Inferno», but worse. There, I forced myself to finish it … it was like a tourist guide for Florence, Italy, even though the very last quarter of the book got exciting and I recognized the Dan Brown that I’d known before.

…back to the couch and the blanket!

17 Replies to “somewhat disappointed”

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I went through my sickness last month. Not nice. Hopefully when Spring comes we will all brighten up.

  2. Get well soon – maybe its because you are not well that you cant grip the book. I have decided that I wont force myself through a book that doesnt say me anything – or where I really dont get caught, life is too short for that and there are so many, many books waiting to be read.

    1. Thanks … better today than yesterday!
      I too, had decided to never force myself through a book, as I’ve done so many times. I will, this time though … perhaps it will get better as I feel better 🙂

  3. Oh Rebby I am sorry you got this nasty head cold thing too…I had it for a week and it was pretty awful>>>I too could not concentrate & the sneezing…wow!!! I was sure my head would come off a few times!
    Hopefully that is the end of THAT for both of us!
    I am just finishing off Dacre Stoker’s “Dracula: The UnDead” & it is pretty cool…I am surprised as I near the end of the story…
    Not sure what i will read next….
    Sherri-Ellen xo

    1. I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a pure ‘head cold’! No cough, nothing affecting the airways! Still … bad.

      Nowadays, with GoodReads, I have a quite nice list of what to read…

  4. Get well soon. I know that Felling when you have been waiting for a book a long time and when you start Reading it´s not what you have expected. Not fun ! I´m proud that I put a book like that aside and don´t force myself too keep Reading.

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