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lastride_nsWhen I left Sweden in 2004, I had a library card. Didn’t think much of that, think I cut it up as I wouldn’t have any use for it. This was some time before the real onslaught of eReaders.

As much as I love modern technology, I’m still a bit old-school in certain areas, and so far most of my reading has been paper copies. I’ve had the iPad for a year now, I have Kindle app and the local library’s app installed, but still haven’t gotten around to read that way … not for real. Until last night, I’d never taken the iPad with me to bed and read!

Last time I was in my hometown, I meant to go to the library and get myself a new card, so I could read my favourite, Swedish authors that haven’t been translated. Heard that at least two of the ones I like, have written quite a few during these last, ten years. Somehow that slipped my mind, so last week I initiated an email exchange with them … how to go about getting a library card ‘online’, so to speak … without going there physically, ID myself and all that, allowing a friend to pick it up for me.

They were really helpful, and it all seemed much easier than I’d expected. Found out that I could log on to the site with my personal number [what you call social security number in North America], because I remembered my PIN-code! Turns out my old card was still ‘alive’, I got the card number and is good to go! Splendid!

Of course, I wanted to test out the system, so I borrowed a book right away, and that went swimmingly. Hence … last night was the first with the iPad in bed. I’d thought it might be awkward to hold it, but not so! It was great!

Now, however, I have some reading to really look forward to! Just came back from the library with the latest Nicholas Sparks novel «The Last Ride». Yum! I’ve been on the waiting list for I don’t know how long!

18 thoughts on “library card

    1. When I found out about him, I read ALL of his books in one fell swoop … then I had to wait for him to write new ones! LOL In the meantime, I’ve found a few others who I really enjoy reading too.

      The first NS book I read was ‘Nights in Rodanthe’, and I was hooked forever 🙂

  1. I can’t seem to figure out “why” but I love hard copy books and that’s what I read most. I have listened to a couple of books on my phone but like the feel of a book in my hand.
    SPARKS is one of my favorites, too. Message In A Bottle was my first.
    I enjoy going to a nice peaceful library, too.

    1. I do too, but last night was surprisingly pleasant reading … I think I could change, or at least do both.

      Always nice to spend time in the library …

  2. I am spoilt. My library is across the road. They never say anything when you take the books back late. They don’t have a wide range of books, but there are enough for me to read. When I get back to roughseas I’ll be writing about a couple of great ones I have just read. Not tried Sparks so will look him up next time.

  3. I havent been in the library for long time. I loan e-books ( because I am lazy), its most books I wouldnt like to have myself, because I buy books that are of value to me. It happens I visit the library, and when I am there I can spend long time.

    1. It’s been a very long time since I bought a book because I wanted to really own it! I buy at the annual book fair [second hand] and turn them back next year LOL

      Now I think I could really take a liking to eBooks! 🙂

      1. I often read in bed before i sleep, and its much more handy with an e-book reader than a thick book, its the main reason that I purchased my reader.

  4. I have a card as well but can’t remember when I used it the last time lol.

    But it is GREAT that you could fix everything online! 🙂

    Before I forget… I LOVE your new little snow flake! So cute!!

    1. Thanks, about the snowflake 🙂

      Yes, I think it’s great … there are so many Jan Guillou and Leif GW Persson books I want to read … looking forward to that a lot!

  5. I also love libraries. They have such a wonderful atmosphere, and I can easily lose myself for hours browsing though interesting things that I discover.

  6. I love libraries, and books, and the smell, and just the whole experience! I also found the transition to an eReader to be a bit difficult, until I found that my local library also participates in e-books! So now it’s 50/50 🙂
    It’s really great that you can check out books internationally and read them in their native language!!

    1. I think it will be 50/50 for me too … at least in the beginning.

      Will be great to catch up with both old, favourite authors, back home, and new ones!

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