memories on my mental hard drive

Sorted out some photos last night, from my last trip back home. It always strikes me how I look at things differently, since I got the camera. Took very few pictures before 2009, and consequently had no photos of my hometown. Now I’ve been back three times, and each time I’ve shot hundreds of photos … pictures of buildings that I’ve seen a thousand times or more. From a photo perspective it was as if I was seeing them for the first time … in a whole different light!  I’m very happy to have them.

skarpskytteg__compMy brother on the other hand, took oodles of photos in the 60’s and then he stopped. This picture, for example, would mean absolutely nothing to a person who’s not from there. Myself, I can sit and gaze at the details of it … this intersection doesn’t look anything like this today [see here!]. There’s a gas station in that corner where the fence is. He was standing with his back towards the hospital when he shot it. He and I often talk about old times in Härnösand … streets and buildings, so he sent me this to explain something we were discussing. It was a wonderful thing he bought that scanner.

Now I got a bit side tracked … back to the mental hard drive. There are so many events where I now wish I’d had a camera … that all this photo stuff had started much earlier in life! Especially since I haven’t travelled very much — the few times I did travel, I would have loved to have some pictures, now that I see how nice it is to look back at them!

In, probably, 2002, a good friend of mine had won a cruise for two, from Stockholm to Helsinki. She asked me if I wanted to come with, and I did. I’d never been to Helsinki before! Took a bus down to Stockholm, stayed with her a couple of days before and after the trip. We didn’t have much of a plan for how we wanted to spend our one day in Helsinki, except one thing: We both wanted to see the Temple Church [Temppeliaukion kirkko].

My memories of that trip are still quite vivid, I remember the language barrier when we tried to find out which tram to take to get there … but we did. This church is inside a rock. That’s what’s so special about it. When we arrived, there were several tourist busses outside, Japanese tourists with cameras, but they were just about to leave. Annette and I were alone in there! How I would have loved to have photos of my own from it, but I still remember the feeling, the light, the acoustics! At least I’ve been there, and there are Wikipedia images to look at!

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, but once you get inside, you get that «Wow!!!» experience…

Afterwards, we walked back downtown. As soon as we got out of the church the skies opened up and by the time we’d walked down Mannerheimintie to Stockmanns department store, we were soaking wet! When we’d dried up somewhat, we roamed around Helsinki for a bit, before it was time to go back to the boat.

23 thoughts on “memories on my mental hard drive

  1. purpleborough

    Very nostalgic post. In contrast, I have so many photos, I am overwhelmed in my effort to organize them in a meaningful way. I start and stop. At this rate, I will be dead and it will all still be jumbled up in a blue plastic bin!

  2. John

    Good reading! The old photo of the corner is much more attractive with all the trees and green. Progress isn’t always so pretty aye?

  3. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    I have few pictures from my childhood, one of them from Tivoli. I have Helsinki on my list over wanted places! That church is worth a travel I think.

    1. colderweather

      I’ve only been to Kastrup … and an airport doesn’t mean much.

      It was a very special feeling to be inside that church. It was a beautiful city! That Cathedral with the onion shaped top … we walked by it, but didn’t go inside. The market place they had down by the harbour was awesome!

  4. Touch2Touch

    You made me remember —
    It was winter when we saw this church, so outside was all snow. It was amazing! We also only had one day in Helsinki, but I thought it was a fabulous place.
    And I too am without photos, only memories!

    1. colderweather

      Nice … that you’ve been there! I don’t remember if it was Fall or Spring … only that it rained and we were freezing! My fingers were stiff, when we were sitting in Stockmanns and I tried to write postcards! It was an interesting trip … in many ways 🙂

  5. Leya

    I also wish I’d had a camera before…So many special places visited and no camera. My husband took all the photos and they are on slides. From my childhood there are not many pictures either.

    1. colderweather

      It’s kind of sad … very few pictures from my childhood too. Lately, I’ve been lucky, though. My brother bought this scanner that scans both negatives and slides. Last winter, he spent scanning loads of photos, and sent to me, the ones he figured I’d be interested in.

  6. Annakarin

    I´m sad that I dont have so many photos from my childhood. I wish I hade some from how Härnösand was when I was young. I remerber all the small shops, Håkanssons (fruit), and how the Town Square looked. I will never forget the icecream and the joy when my grandmother bought one for me.

  7. Sheryl

    It’s amazing how much the intersection has changed since the 1960s. I definitely prefer the way it looked in the older picture.

  8. Cardinal Guzman

    I also wish that my photo interest would have started at an earlier stage. Then I would have had thousands of interesting shots from different places! Better late than never as they say 🙂

  9. daydreamer2011

    What a difference in them two photos! From the past and how it looks like today…

    I too love looking at older photos and remember… and compare how it looks like today too!

    And I am glad that your brother have sent you some photos! I remember you told me before that you do not have so many photos from your childhood…

    Must admit I have never heard of that church! It sure look special inside! Will also admit that I have never thought of going to Finland, not sure why… I have been to both Norway and Denmark, even though both trips were short. Didn’t stay for long at all.

    1. colderweather

      I’d only been to Vaasa and Uusikaupunki [finska Nystad] before.. never really saw any of the places.

      Before, Swedes used to go to Finland only to get pissed on the ferry. I think the rules have changed with regards to tax free booze.

      If you don’t count airports, I’ve never been to Denmark or Norway. Half an hour at Bergen’s airport and a few times at Kastrup … can’t say I’ve seen either country. Unfortunately. I so want to see Skagen!!!

      1. Annette Ursin Holmboe

        Swedes are very busy being pissed on ferries, the do the same passing Øresund LOL. Even that it isnt tax free the booze on the ferries and in Denmark is cheaper than in Sweden- and its easier to access ( no spritbolag LOL)

        1. colderweather

          Yes! While the Finland-travelling was at its peak, I used to ask the ones I knew, how come they were that interested in going to Finland all the time! You could get the most bizarre comments, but some were honest and said it was for the booze. Still … they had to pay the fare, and also petrol to go to the terminal. In the long run they could have just bought the booze in Systembolaget and stayed in the comfort of their own home *ROFL*


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