St. Valentine’s

I got a plant …Β and McDuff got a paper bag.


At the same time as I was creating this post, I checked out older posts. Found that I’ve written each St. Valentine’s Day since 2011. Most likely I’ve written since 2006, but those blogs are lost [other platforms].

My man has a really bad cold … poor darlin’ … so he asked me to buy roses to myself! πŸ™‚ Before I left, he added Β«…or whatever you likeΒ» so hence I bought myself this calla lily. One of my favourite flowers. As soon as it was out of the package, McDuff was in the bag.

We’re getting a mixed bag of snow, rain, freezing rain and fog from this storm that’s been moving up the eastern seaboard.

Hope you all have a nice St. Valentine’s Day … wherever you are. Can’t finish this without at least one heart. This was made 2012 in Photoshop [which I admittedly miss].


53 Replies to “St. Valentine’s”

  1. Happy Valentines Day to you. IΒ΄m happy that I have a day without having to work. IΒ΄m making a porterstew for dinner and taking care of the laundry. Talk to you later. Give McDuff and your sick husband a big hug.

    1. thank you, Deb! πŸ™‚

      Sometimes they’re so predictable … I just dropped it on the floor when I took out the plant, because I knew he’d be in there in a few seconds …and he was!

  2. Happy Valentine to you, McDuff and Gerry, the best wishes that he will recover very soon.

  3. You always have done such pretty hearts. Sorry to hear Gerry is sick. Maybe those beautiful flowers will cheer him up.
    Happy Valentines to both of you.

  4. What a beautiful Cala Lily – one of my favourite flowers. And goofy McDuff in his paper bag – always brings a smile. Sorry your sweetie is suffering with a cold! time for winter to be gone.

  5. Glad he is feeling better but I know he is in good hands.
    I must have been a cat in a previous life because I love paper bags too. That one is pretty with the vine.
    I have callas planted. I enjoy seeing them grow each year and the way the unfurl.

    1. He still has an awful cough. We’ll see…
      Perhaps you were! πŸ™‚ I like them too, wonder why they stopped using them in the grocery stores.

      I planted another lily while we lived in QC. It was lovely to see it peeking up through the earth..

  6. Love the Calla perfect in design!!! Speaking of which I love tyour Photoshop hearts also…

    Looks like a win-win for both you & McDuff….you have a new plant & he has a very stylish bag…
    We do hope Gerry gets well soon!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❀ ❀

  7. We also had snow & rain here. Now it’s only rain, but it’s good because the snow melts. I’m not into skiing and I’ve already shot all the “snow/winter photos that I need for this season.

  8. GREAT pictures again!! And I remembered that is your fave flower! πŸ˜‰

    Love them hearts too!! I too wish I could get back into PSP more and make graphics… Maybe some day! At the moment I am in to my singing and painting and yes taking photos too, even though I do not do that as much as more either. Maybe it will change when spring comes!

        1. Oh, I’m okay πŸ™‚
          Decided to deactivate it for a while, because I get so fed up with gazing at all the crap … and I certainly don’t contribute with anything uplifting there either.

          1. Oh I am glad that you are ok!! For a moment I thought maybe someone had hacked your account.

            Marian was wondering too! So I’ll let her know you are taking a break, so to speak.

            Your pictures are always uplifting! But I am glad I can still stay in contact with you here and on Flickr! πŸ™‚

            1. Yes … the game. I may or may not activate it again very soon. It’s really all about ME … I don’t need to sit there and look at it, I should just go in and do whatever it is I want to do there. Sometimes I can hardly believe we’re all grown-ups there..

              1. I hear you Reb, and I also wonder about some people…

                I do just THAT, go in to FaceBook and do what I want to do! I don’t let anyone bother me anymore, if they put up a lot of crap I either block the stuff they put up or block the person itself LOL

                I really hope that if I had said or done anything, please just let me know! I rather want people to tell me up front, cause in the past I have had friends that suddenly just poofed, and when I tried to contact them and ask what happened, I didn’t get any answers…

                1. No, for Pete’s sake … it’s the whole concept,all of it. There’s nobody bothering me more than the other. I even piss myself off, as I read all this rubbish.

                  1. LOL Ok πŸ˜‰

                    Well even though I still can have contact with you I will miss you over at FaceBook!

                    But I understand and respect what you are saying! πŸ™‚

                    1. Almost all of the people there have my email and I have theirs, and it’s not like my inbox has been clogged up today with questions about where I went LOL.

                      Like I said … I might be back tomorrow … in a week …or never. I don’t know, but it felt very liberating.

                    2. I know I haven’t been the best with emails… and it is not only you.

                      I feel bad cause I have not been emailing anyone really for ages!

                      Probably cause I stay in contact with most people just over FaceBook daily?

                      Well Marian was worried about you and she was relieved to hear that you are ok!

                    3. No, most people have other means of communication nowadays … WhatsApp and the likes … it’s so convenient, but I don’t think email is dead.

                      Good that you told Marian. The blog is always here … not going to give that up any time soon πŸ™‚

                    4. No email is definately not dead it is just ME, well not saying I am dead :O LOL!!

                      I saw someone meantioned WhatsApp? Think it was Gerda? I haven’t even checked out what that is but I assume it is a kind of chat thing on the phone?

                      No you better NOT stop blogging!! Love your blogs!

                    5. yes, it’s one of all these apps where you can either talk or SMS for free. It will need to access your contacts, though LOL..
                      Probably Gerda…I talked with her on it the other night..

                    6. Yeah well … that’s the whole point of such an app … contacts. Otherwise it wouldn’t work.

                      It was very nice … I didn’t actually talk, it was text, but anyway πŸ™‚

                    7. Of course you need some contacts LOL But just do not like the idea that they would have access to ALL my contacts as some might not wanted to be contacted on an app…

  9. T has never bought me flowers in all our 40+ years. If he did now, I’d be wondering what he’d done πŸ˜‰
    I wonder what it is with cats and paper bags, my cat from many years ago loved them too LOL

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