theme editing

Not many people are interested in this … one, maybe two. Most people won’t even notice changes in themes, as they read posts, either in the WP-reader or on a phone/tablet.

I’m writing this anyway, in case someone interested would come by, or just for myself.

This theme, right now is Sorbet, a free theme from WordPress. I have the customize upgrade. When I applied the theme and adjusted the colours to my liking I was really pleased with it, except for one thing: The main column was too narrow. I’m no CSS-expert and didn’t have the inclination to waste all the time and energy it would take to adjust the width. I just moved on.

Couldn’t really get over it, so I decided I’d live with the narrow column and applied it again this morning. When I changed the main font’s size in the selector, I noticed how the width, of the entire page, magically changed! I found that curious, so I set the main font-size to the very largest, and ended up with a main column [where the posts appear], just right!

Now, the text was huge, but I just went in and adjusted that in ordinary CSS. Looking at it now on my iPhone, I find it readable and clear.

I’ve really fallen in love with this theme. That’s partly thanks to the customize upgrade — black and orange aren’t exactly my favourite colours!

32 thoughts on “theme editing

  1. nuvofelt

    I find it very difficult altering the basic themes. These sorts of notes are very relevant. I have a private blog where I try things out first, but you can’t do that with a theme upgrade. Thanks for your helpful comments.

    1. colderweather

      Hi πŸ™‚
      Yeah … I have a test blog too, but like you say … there you can’t try out the CSS. Have to do it in Β«real timeΒ» πŸ™‚

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    You’ve made great use of space here and REALLY easy to identify the speaker in comments – just wish I’d been observing “off mobile” earlier…
    (And I too am interested in “the details”: )

    1. colderweather

      Thank you, John … I’m really happy with it now. I used to be so into that stuff, long time ago, so I hardly did anything else. But back then, it was only HTML … CSS had not taken off.

  3. barb19

    I think you will find that more people are interested in this than you realize; I for one, am always interested in the details, and often mess around with themes to see how my blog looks. It’s great when you find one that suits your blog and are happy with it, as you are with yours. It has a nice clean fresh look, easy to read and user friendly for comments. You hit the jackpot with this one!

    1. colderweather

      Hey Barb … this is so nice! Several more people than I thought πŸ™‚
      It reminds me of when I first started blogging this way in Yahoo in 2006. I thought I was all alone with this interest, and then it turned out to be a big group! πŸ˜€

  4. daydreamer2011

    Well you already know that I am interested in these things πŸ˜‰

    And I really like the look on your blog!! πŸ˜€

    1. colderweather

      I do … you were there in the good old [Yahoo] days πŸ˜€

      Finally, I’m really satisfied with the looks of it… I’ve been going back and forth a little, but now I’m good.

      1. daydreamer2011

        Yes those good old yahoo days… still miss them!

        I am happy with the way mine is now as well… it feels good to have my own theme so to speak…

  5. suzink

    I am just happy with being able to change the header. I kind of like white background. Easy to see but yours is white in my phone with blue dividers.

  6. Allison Nakamura

    this tweak looks good tbh! now it’s like blueberry cake πŸ˜€ sometimes i hate wordpress for having huge text and the least flattering free themes available. but some are pretty nice and clean and quite flexible enough to be tweaked (like what i’ve done with my blog. feel free to check out). i’d love to customize css in wordpress too someday.

    1. colderweather

      Agreed. I’m happy with this for now, though. It’s only in that bar that appears when one scrolls down, that shows the really large font … I can live with that.


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