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An online buddy of mine, started painting with watercolour. Earlier, I’d talked with another online buddy about the very same thing; about how much fun it used to be, but how I hadn’t done it since I was thirteen, fourteen! She suggested that I’d buy a watercolour kit for children and give it a go. The first friend I mentioned seemed to get really absorbed (!) by the painting and I got more and more tempted, so last time we went to Walmart I decided to go for it. Before that, I’d watched numerous tutorial videos online and was really chomping at the bit to get started. Found a very reasonably priced starter-kit [not for children], and got started as soon as we got back home.Β 

Almost immediately I felt Β«this is not for meΒ»! It wasn’t my usual feeling of being let down because I couldn’t get it right/good from the beginning. I had really prepared myself mentally for that … I would allow for it to take its time. This was something else. I know myself well enough to realize that if I’d felt that it was really fun, it wouldn’t have mattered that the first attempts were lousy. The good thing in this story was that I got it out of my system. I won’t have to think about it anymore. For a little while I thought perhaps I should have gone for acrylic instead, but I honestly don’t think so either.

So … the above image wasn’t painted by me πŸ™‚ I took the photo and ran it through an app called WaterlogueΒ on the iPhone.

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  1. I know what you mean about got to have the feeling! There have been things I had to try out too in my past and felt this is not for me at all.

    Love that picture! Wish I had something like that too on my smartphone! πŸ™‚

      1. I wish I could be THAT good as well and could’ve painted something like that!

        I think my pictures look like they’ve been made by kids lol

        But it is ok… I know I need to learn a lot and practice πŸ™‚

        1. Yes, I really liked how that image came out! Those muted colours …

          Well, as long as you’re enjoying yourself doing it — that’s the main thing, and you’re practicing all the time. Think of how long the good ones have been at it … many, many years!

  2. About the app… COOL: )
    About painting with watercolours…
    My MIL was an artist – first as a young adult and then again after having raised a family – who ventured into watercolours only after becoming completely comfortable with oils and acrylic, and even then, only very briefly. As The Cardinal said, she preferred oil.
    Watercolours are used in schools due to ease of cleanup and short drying time, NOT because they’re an easy media to work with! Who was it that said (paraphrasing here), “Anything really worth doing is never easy.”?; )

        1. ?

          If I had gotten that feeling [like I’ve had with other things I’ve tried], that Β«THIS is what I want to do!!!Β» then I would have been sitting there, painting now and not here with the computer. This, regardless of the difficulty level. When I started to learn to create web graphics in Photoshop, it wasn’t always easy, but I did it for four years and loved it.

  3. I love Waterlogue!

    An online friend mentioned Waterlogue to me just yesterday. As he said – it would be great if they made an OS version as well.

    Apropos watercolours, I have always found it doesn’t take to being played around with and needs a sure (albeit free) hand. One tip that has worked for me is to lift my wrist away from the paper.

    1. Same here; yesterday, my online buddy Orli in Israel [http://scoutness.com/] posted about it. Yes, this is one of the apps I’d love a OS version of.

      I did that; lifted my wrist. Actually, I was relieved, while watching all the tutorials, to see that one of the artists there, was left-handed, like me. Many years ago, I tried calligraphy, and my left-handedness made it somewhat … different πŸ™‚

  4. I cant paint at all, I dont have the talent and I dont feel for it, but I like to see pictures ( some of them)and sometimes goes for exhibitions. We have a wonderful museum for modern art here in North-Zealand, its called Louisiana, and at least half of the guests are Swedish. ( Many Danes go to MalmΓΆ for opera and other classical music, or the Moderna Museet)

    1. Oh yes! Louisiana! Never been there, but I was engaged to an artist, many years ago, and he often spoke of it.

      I don’t have the feel for it either, I just realized πŸ™‚ If I have any skills at all, art-wise, I guess they’re digital LOL

      1. My talent is more about music, I have played a lot of classical piano music, but have problems with sitting too long at a time, so now its more on CD’s

        1. That was another thing I did, as so many other, young girls … played the piano! Held out for five years, and that was it LOL Now I’m more of a C&W kind of person πŸ˜‰

  5. At least you gave it a go Rebby!! I can not paint altho when I made my hand drums I did paint them both using Acrylic paint & the turned out fabulous…then again I was painting in a Native style which seems to work well for me….I should take pix & post them some day…
    Love Sherri-Ellen xo

    1. Mona, its the same to me, I am very reluctant about app’s because they demand access for all too much

  6. That pic really caught my eye. I thought CW is one clever artist here – and then read the text πŸ˜€ Still, it worked extremely well as a trranslate. I’ve got a watercolour app on my camera software prog on the laptop but it doesn’t look as good as that.

    1. As it appeared before me on the little display, I really wished I could have painted like that.

      I too, used to have a plugin for Photoshop that did watercolour, but it didn’t look this good.

      1. The one I’ve got is on my Canon software, and I’ve just checked it doesn’t have watercolour! Oil which makes it look blurred, sketch which skews the colours, and a grain one. Nothing like as good as yours.

        1. In the meantime here, I’ve checked out a few other editors … GIMP, that I have on the computer, another one, and then Aviary on the phone. None of them could produce this effect. I used the same, original photo.

  7. Hey, you changed the theme!! Did you suddenly have issues with the Opti theme? This is a very simple, clean theme, nice!!

      1. I hear ya Rebekah. I REALLY enjoy playing with CSS and the themes but from a visitor perspective, the constant changes don’t help their perspective of you or your website. I really need to just leave this theme in place. Whether I can do that…

        1. I know … I love that too. Honestly, I don’t think they notice. Most people, nowadays, read on their phones/tablets, in the Reader or in email … not many see the actual page. That’s why I never bothered to make a starting page either… nobody goes to the ‘Home-link’..

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