just a few pictures of this day

Once again, Saint John is covered by a thin blanket of light, fluffy snow. Cold and blustery day, but brilliant sunshine.

As usual, before going home, we went through the park, which hardly ever disappoints. Met a few deer; they were eating carrots that some kind soul had put out for them. They stopped when I got out of the car, with my camera, looked at me for a brief moment, then went on about their business … except the little one. He seemed to be intrigued by me, he just couldn’t stop looking at me as I was taking his picture.

It struck me, as I was hunched down there in the snow, how fortunate I am to be able to look a wild animal in the eyes. These guys are fairly used to humans, in the park, but still … they are wild animals. Another moment, that I will never forget, was when a Bald Eagle looked at me … straight in the eyes. That really made my hair stand up. I have a lot to be thankful for.

I’ll just post a few as a gallery here…

37 Replies to “just a few pictures of this day”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how closely his coat blends with the tree bark, eh?
    No wonder they’re so hard to spot out in the woods. Dad used to say that he swore they’d stand back in the trees and just laugh at the hunters (of which he was one; )

      1. Trust me that it’s much better to take an animal’s life in an honourable, ancient practice and give thanks for its sacrifice than to see the horrific results of colliding with a vehicle.
        It should never be easy to take the life of another…

  2. Fabulous photos 🙂
    There’s something very special about being at one with nature.
    I remember when you wrote about the eagle before, what a truly magical experience that must have been.

    1. Vicky! Hello!! 😀 It just dawns on me that I must have lost the connection with you … probably in the transition. That is corrected now … always enjoyed your photography, and writings so much!

      Thank you!

  3. You have sunshine :O I want one. All we have is grey and foggy weather. Nice pics by the way. I especially like the deer with it’s tongue out. So cute

  4. Its wonderful pictures. The weather here is mild- up to 8-10 C in some places!!
    Its a special experience to meet wild animals. Here where I live – I regular meet reed deer and deer ( I should take some pictures), its especially about sunrise where they walk from the hills here towards the forest. Its a dangerous time of the day because some of them pass the roads, and some are killed -unfortunately. At sunset the walk back again.

  5. Sweet Duck & squirrel & that young deer is absolutely adorable!! You have a gift with the animals; they KNOW you are not a threat to them…. Great photos Rebby!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

  6. ;I think I KNOW how happy you felt; you are always most happy when out in Nature near the wild critters & birds! BTW the Crow photo is beautiful also!

  7. They sure are! Tehre are a group of 3 here who ‘follow’ me from apt. to store & back in the good weather…it is so nice to have an ‘escort’…they even ‘talk’ to me!!!!

    1. Yes! They’re very clever. Here, crows are black … back home they’re grey and black. When I first got here, I thought they were all Ravens! 🙂

  8. Grey & black crows?? Very cool…I have never seen crows from your country…might have to look that up 😉
    Ravens are larger than Crows here; larger wing span also.
    Both are beautiful.

  9. I am sure the Raven has his own reasons….in aboriginal culture Raven & Crow are messengers that bring messages from the departed in the Spirit World. They also can be a person from Spirit world come to be a Guardian for a person or 4 legged…so while it seems random to you it might be not so random for the Raven 😉

    1. I may never now … but I like it. Once I managed to take a picture through the window.. It was so windy, so he had a hard time landing on the railing. Of all the 80 balconies, he chooses ours 🙂

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