almost forgotten

Thanks to another blogger, I was just now reminded of a service I had not thought of in many years! Didn’t expect my account there to be still alive, but I tried a password that I used a lot way back, and got in … all my saved songs were there! Grooveshark is the name of it, and I remember I found out about it during the days of FriendFeed.

I had sixty songs saved there, and I got to say that my taste in music is … eclectic LOL. Click the link above for a taste! It can’t be more than five years since I signed in there, though, because I had Colder Weather on my song list. That song, with Zac Brown Band came out since we’d moved here … I remember that much.

All my iPhone woes are over! Very happy camper here! It turned out one email account  wasn’t configured correctly, and apparently that affected the entire phone! It got much worse yesterday, the camera crashed and most other apps. Now it’s back to its old self and all is good.

IMG_0002McDuff had his pedicure yesterday and that went fairly well. I think he was in a state of shock, though … he saw a dog for the first time in his life.

I managed to snap a picture of Percy … the resident cat there at the vet clinic. He has only three legs, but moves around perfectly anyway. His fur feels like silk — so thick and soft! Percy always comes around and sniffs around the cage, but McDuff seems to be cool with that. The dog though … that was a whole different story! He hissed and jumped straight up in the cage. It was a young pup, named Truffles … so full of life and curiosity!

When we got back, I felt exhausted. I don’t know why I worry so much about these trips … much more than McDuff, himself! I know beforehand that it will go well — for Pete’s sake, it’s just a pedicure! I’m not a worrier normally.

19 Replies to “almost forgotten”

  1. Yow Aunti Rebby; Nylablue here…ya gotta stay calm when takin McDuff fer hiz peddycure!! What wuud ya do if ya had to take care of me goin ebery week n holdin me fer needlez….
    Yah must lub McDuff so much to wurry so!!

    Percy iz a cutie pie n 3 legz?? Mousiez Percy iz amazin!!
    Tell McDuff poochiez are okayz…dey kind hairy n sobbery but dey meen no harm 😉
    Much lub frum me Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxo

  2. Yow me sounded kinda ‘katty’…me not meen to sound like dat Aunti! Ya iz a pawsum kitteh Mum to McDuff….me n Mum hopez ya NEVER haz to go thru anyfing like me haz gone thru all me life…sum dayz Mum criez in da exam room n Dr. Dave haz to consoul her n pep talk her to carry on!!! It iz not easy…butt we soldier on……
    Pee Ess we shuud check out diz Grooveshark fing…Mum never herd of it!
    Nylablue xxx

    1. Not at all … didn’t think of that! 🙂 We’ve been very lucky, with regards to McDuff’s health.

      It’s a good site … don’t know how I could forget about it. I’ve found most songs I’ve searched for …

  3. Me n Mum iz happy Mcduff so healthy n well…it iz no fun takin care of a sick 4 legged….me can make Mum cry so easy…. 😉
    Me will tell Mum about dat site.
    Lub Nylablue xx

  4. McDuff is like your baby Reb, so of course you worry about him!
    Glad it was only a small problem with your iphone, and back in working order again.

    1. Yes, he is and I guess partly it’s because I feel so bad for him, knowing how terrified he gets, just by the car ride!

      I’m really happy too, about the phone! And now it’s really «slimmed down» as I cleaned out everything too 🙂

  5. Glad the iPhone issues got solved. I know that was really frustrating you. McDuff knows he’s okay because you are there with him. Although he may have wondered what alien planet you had taken him to, this time, when the dog appeared.

    1. Yes, I’m a little bit obsessed with my iPhone 🙂 It was a scare!

      The vet listened to his heart, and she could really hear how scared he was! Poor little guy … but they seem to forget quickly.

  6. Well that must’ve been a nice surprise to find “your” songs!!

    And yay about the phone!!! What a relief for you! 😀

    McDuff is like your kid my friend, and we ALWAYS worry about our kids, or closed ones for that matters.

    1. At first, I could hardly believe it was sorted out … I felt very cautious when I tapped on each icon, especially the Mail icon as that was what started the whole process. Now, all is as usual again and I’m so happy!

  7. One of the best parts about Grooveshark – it doesn’t seem to ever forget you! I’ve had an off/on interaction, but all the goods are still there. Definitely fun to see how my taste in music has changed – or not – through the years 🙂
    Cute kitty pic by the way!

  8. You just feel for him because he is out of his comfort zone. Besides you never know what other kind of animals you might encounter. Cute kitty. Looks like the hair was colored on top. lol

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