on top of my mind

That’s what I usually write about, and right now it’s my iPhone. I’m having some trouble, and that worries me to no end. 

The native Mail app crashes. It started yesterday morning. Other apps started to crash too. Did all the usual things, but nothing helped. 

Last night, I did the «reset to factory settings». It was painstaking, but I did it. Afterwards, the Mail app still isn’t working. 

One would think this isn’t such a big deal, as the Gmail app still works, but I find it creepy, thinking it might be a sign of something else. I think it also gets hotter than usual. 

We’ll see today, how it behaves. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will hold up until October, when next iPhone will be released. 

Apart from that, McDuff is going for his pedicure this afternoon. I always feel so bad for him, because he’s terrified during the car ride. Always a great relief afterwards when it’s all done. I can’t do it myself, and I have to be careful about this, as he got an ‘ingrown toenail’ once. Ouch!

24 Replies to “on top of my mind”

  1. Poor kitty! Can you purchase via post instead of driving to Quebec? I never use the native email app, it causes the memory in the phone to be used up more quickly than the Gmail app. iCloud and iTunes are kept silent on my devices as you lose control over photo deletion unless you go to iTunes to delete them. Stupid.

    1. I use my Apple address quite frequently, but now I’ve set it to forward to Gmail. The Gmail app works fine for now.
      Oh, I could go into any Bell store and buy a new one, if that was what I wanted, but I don’t … I want to wait for iPhone 6. I’ve heard it’s gonna be larger, and I’d like that.

      I want as little as possible to do with iTunes. iCloud too … I feel I lose control … perhaps because I don’t have the grasp of the workings of it.

      1. They are Not easy to understand or use, you are not alone on this! I despise them but love Apple. I must go look for info on 6 now, got me curious. Bigger would be a little better. This seems to be trending. I have heard many people complain that devices are getting too small for many to use easily.

        1. It’s still a long time till next release — 5S has only been out four, five months — but rumour has it, that they’re working on bigger. Nothing confirmed, of course, but it does seem likely.

  2. I still have the 4S and really I liked the 4 much, much better. Still use it on Wi-Fi. I quit ICloud on
    this one. Battery charge doesn’t last near as long as 4.
    Have to admit I’ve never heard if Native Mail?
    Hope it straightens out for you.
    That must be a hard job doing a cat nails I tried that once!

  3. I havent problems with my cats nails, they are outdoors much of the time – and scratches here and there and everywhere, even where they shouldnt LOL.
    I have an htc and it works fine, it is their first smartphone (htc desire). Ole bought htc One, and its gone – now he purchased a cheaper one in Aldi- its a Samsung.

    1. We have a tablet [Samsung] with Android on it. It works very well, but it’s very easy to get hooked on this damned Apple thing…

      I have the cage out, we’ll be going with him in an hour. I just want to have it over and done with..

  4. I thought I did and when you open it – you can see some email but it says “can not get mail”. I just use the one I installed. It always works but now that i write this it just dawned on me. I changed passwords awhile back. Maybe that’s it.

  5. Ut oh!! :O Did you get it fixed now??

    Awww poor McDuff! Hopefully everything went just fine!

  6. Just wondering if you’ve done an iOS update recently? This has caused trouble with some of our devices in the past…
    Dare I call it “planned obsolescence”?

  7. Apropos iPhone: I tried to blog from a tablet the other day. I almost lost my mind as I was trying to copy links, mark text, etc,etc. For f**ks sake!
    I guess I’ll stick to computers!

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