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DSC_7910.NEFFor the first time in ages, I felt happy coming home with some photos on my memory card, instead of an empty one. At the end of last year, I even wrote a blog post about how I felt almost scared that I’d lose my interest in photography. Knowing myself, that could very well happen — it has been like that with other interests I’ve had. After writing that post, and sort of ‘becoming aware’ of it, I’ve tried to relax and constantly reminding myself of two things:

  • It’s not a competition
  • I don’t want to become a professional photographer — I want to have fun

DSC_7917.NEFThe competition issue is important here — that’s what brings me down most of the time. I look at awesome photography in Flickr, for example, and get like «I can never be that good, I might as well just give up!» This has nothing to do with photography … it’s a part of my personality that I’m trying to work with and rethink.

Apparently, I’ve had some success with my «soul searching» — yesterday, I got that feeling back that it was fun again. Maybe the weather contributed. It was one of those perfect Winter days … the way you’d want Winter to be all the time, sunny … a few degrees below freezing … no wind to speak of!

Lily Lake was being prepared for the annual pond hockey, and once again I was lucky enough to get there before the tournament started … while those white lines were still intact. The colours and simplicity is pleasing to me and that’s why I keep shooting that picture every year, I guess.

Even the ducks that are still at the pond, seemed to be cooperating with me. Haven’t practiced shooting birds in flight for some time, and that, I think, is something that really takes practice — lots of it!

Having said all that, I feel quite confident that I’m not going to ‘sell the camera’ any time soon. Especially when I think of all those times in my earlier life when I didn’t have one — all those images are only stored on my mental hard-drive.

33 Replies to “photo fun”

  1. I know what you mean with lose interest in photography. I feel like that sometimes too. When I look at these pictures, I think “wow I wish I could take photos like that” All that matters is that you love taking photos.And practise makes perfect, right?

    1. That’s so true … that’s all that matters. I feel that way, often … «I wish I could take photos like that» …but then again; I wasn’t there [whatever the object was] 🙂

      1. Sometimes when I really need my camera I never had have it with me.But when I do have it, I never get any good ones. Weird that.

    1. It really is, Joss. I was honestly afraid for a while, because I’ve been into so many different things, and then … all of a sudden … totally lost interest. My brother seems to be the same way.

      1. I don’t think I knew you have a brother! but that’s okay! I’m just glad you’re back to enjoying photography because I do think you have a great eye and great skill as well.

        1. Yes, I have one. He’s ten years older than I. When he gets interested in something, like photography, he doesn’t do anything else. He played chess for a few years of his life, and then he was obsessed with that. Both those phases are over for him now.

  2. Wow! You are awesome at capturing the birds. Being a lover of aircraft and the physics of flight, these photos are captivating. Behold those who taught humans how to fly. The wing structure, body shape, stream lining and retracted feet/legs – gorgeous! Keep that camera. 🙂

    1. Yeah, isn’t it amazing, how far we’ve come! … and for the longest time they couldn’t figure out HOW the bumblebee could fly — it was against the rules of aerodynamics … but the bumblebee flew anyway. I think they have it figured out now … they did some research! 😀

      Camera isn’t going anywhere… now

  3. It’s good to get calm. I find myself taking the same shots each year too. Part of it for me seems to be the subject and part seems to be the subject and how it changes according to season and light when that applies. Nice shots all. I think you are a fabulous photographer and have a good grasp on the basics of the camera. Better than I have.

    1. The little camera course I took in the beginning, sure has made a difference..
      As for shooting the same thing; you can imagine how many ducks, squirrels and blue jays I have in my files?! LOL

  4. Have you been in MY head??? That is exactly how I think/feel about things…. And not only when it comes about photography…

    I think you are a FABULOUS photographer my friend! Honestly!! These are outstanding photos of them flying birds!! 🙂 So PLEASE never quit!! Kram!

    1. Teehee! 🙂 No, it’s not only about photography … anything, when I realise I’m really lousy at it. When I think of all the photos I posted, publically, in Flickr, in the beginning, I just want to evaporate! Nowadays, I let very few out in public … but back then, I didn’t know. I thought I just stored them.

      1. I have stored a lot of pictures in Flickr recently… but I also HAVE dumped a lot of similar photos… Cause sometimes I take a lot of photos from the same moment and then I TRY to choose the best picture lol

  5. I’m glad you’ve got your passion back for photography Reb, because we would miss out on so many great photos from you – and you really do have a knack for bird photography, so keep it up and just enjoy it.

  6. The photos are stunning. I am glad you have returned to your feathered friends. I have not seen any better!

    I stopped writing poetry because others were so much better than I.

    1. Thank you!

      Well … there ya go …then you know how I feel. I don’t think it’s a very good way of reasoning, though, but I can’t seem to help it 🙂

  7. Just a couple of things that sprang to mind as I read this through (more than once)…
    Being a “professional” – as in getting paid for what you do – does not make you good at it. It is the love of what you do, when it shines through everything, your work – your ART – that is what makes it good. Think of all the shutter hounds who shoot thousands of school kids or political photo ops for a living: some do amazing work – and it shows – while others are simply there to do their job – and that shows too…
    Being paid doesn’t necessarily make you good (and being good doesn’t mean you need to go pro; ) It looks to me that taking a bit of a break; to allow the creative juices time to stew, coalesce, rekindle was probably the best thing you could have done (’cause these are great!: )
    So don’t let your Inner Critic beat you down, okay?

    1. No, that’s so true. ‘Professional’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you love what you’re doing … just think of all these crime scene photographers … forensic stuff! ugh.

      I’m trying hard to quiet that inner voice… Thank you, Deb, for your kind words..

  8. Your birds are amazing, as always and I LOVE the colour, contrast of textures and geometry of the whole rink layout… Just out of curiosity, what is the scale of the snow ridges/piles between the rinks?

  9. It would really be a shame if you stopped with photography, you are very good at it ( ok I am not an expert, but I can use my eyes, and compare to my own pictures LOL). I like the pictures of the birds very much.

    1. Thank you! I like taking pictures, and especially of birds and animals (when available) … as long as I find it rewarding, and like to look at them, I’ll go on..

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