Comment Email Notifications

Comment Email Notifications

As of yesterday, I’m getting email notifications on my OWN comment replies. Anyone else experiencing anything different with regards to email notifications in WordPress?

I didn’t change anything in the settings.

17 Replies to “Comment Email Notifications”

    1. Good to hear … that I’m not alone. I checked the support forum, and I only saw one with the same problem … Slightly different, though, because that person was only getting SOME notifications …own included.

  1. No I haven’t got any emails about my own or anyone elses comment replies… I only get email when there are new posts from anyone I follow!

    How weird is that!

  2. I mean it is weird that you ( and some others ) get emails about your own comments all of a sudden… must be a glitch somewhere…

  3. Yes, this happened to me. Solution: go to your ‘settings’ area and find the ’email me whenever’ area. Then, un-check the box that says ‘anyone posts a comment’. This worked for me, I suppose it may not work for everyone. πŸ˜‰

  4. Yup, been getting duplicates ever since you went from “Quack of Dawn” to “Colder Weather”…

      1. Yah, weird eh?
        What are you doing up? I didn’t expect any answer st this time of night…

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