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I’m slowly waking up, it’s that pleasant kind of awakening, after a good, restful sleep. My first thought of this day is how thankful I am to do this … to wake up naturally, without the clock-radio, which is showing 08:02. That’s my date of birth!

As I tiptoe out of the bedroom, not to wake up my husband, I’m wondering if I’m the only one associating numbers on the digital clocks with years, dates or phone numbers?!

Turning the coffee machine and the computer on, before washing the sleep out of my eyes. Gazing for a while out the window, I see nothing but white, and again I’m thinking ‘lucky me, I won’t have to go out in this!‘.

The coffee machine is beeping in the kitchen, telling me it’s finished brewing so I pour myself a mug, and sit down here … with my Mac. As I’m slowly looking in my Inbox, a new email pops up from WordPress. It’s the ‘Daily Prompt‘ and it suggests: «Write a post entirely in the present tense.» ‘Why not’, I muse, and I type away as the thoughts jump from the synapses in my brain down to my fingers. I don’t even have to tell this is from a ‘Daily Prompt’ but then again … «Why not?! … and why not put in an unrelated picture to cheer it up a little?!»

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  1. You are not alone in matching clock digits with other things in your life, it’s just the way the brain works. Just like songs can remind you of places and times or eras of your life. Have a warm and wonderful day. 🙂

  2. I like the humor in your post; and the pun in the picture. And no, you are NOT the only one to associate times and other numerical phenomena with one another. As a child I often played games created by such associations. Carry on! And thank you for the post.

  3. What a wonderful morning you had, not like mine (smile). Do you know Svante’s viser- one of them is wonderful, about the morning, I have to copy it her
    Se, hvilken morgenstund!
    Solen er rød og rund.
    Nina er gået i bad.
    Jeg’ spiser ostemad.
    Livet er ikke det værste man har
    og om lidt er kaffen klar.

    Blomsterne blomstrer op.
    Der går en edderkop.
    Fuglene flyver i flok
    når de er mange nok.
    Lykken er ikke det værste man har
    og om lidt er kaffen klar.

    Græsset er grønt og vådt,
    Bierne har det godt.
    Lungerne frådser i luft.
    Åh, hvilken snerleduft!
    Glæden er ikke det værste man har
    og om lidt er kaffen klar.

    Sang under brusebad.
    Hun må vist være glad.
    Himlen er temmelig blå.
    Det ka jeg godt forstå.
    Lykken er ikke det værste man har
    og om lidt er kaffen klar.

    Nu kommer Nina ud,
    nøgen, med fugtig hud,
    kysser mig kærligt og går
    ind for at re’ sit hår.
    Livet er ikke det værste man har
    og om lidt er kaffen klar.

    I think the fascination disappears if its translated. ( At least if I do it.) The melody is very nice too.

  4. Your morning sounds heavenly, not to mention cozy. I live for the day when I can wake up without an alarm clock on a weekday 😊. I know you appreciate it immensely.

  5. Waking up after restful sleep, coffee and time at the computer before the rest of the household gets up. . . what a pleasant way to begin the day!

  6. Lovely photo. (The sky is wearing a blackbird necklace: )
    SO nice to be able to watch the snow pile up without dreading the repercussions…

    1. Nice thinking …about the necklace 🙂

      It is nice, and it was nice snow too … the fluffy kind. So at the most I’d brush it off the car.. Life is great!

      1. Yes, it’s nice to have fluffy power snow – especially if you’re a skier – but we got 2 FEET of it on the weekend and another 8″ yesterday morning, but now the weather radar shows it swirling all around us again, and this time it’s right at the freezing point… Mercy, MERCY I pray thee(prithee for you Olde English fans), oh great Weather God; have mercy upon us!!

        1. Having lived the first forty nine years of my life in Sweden, I know what you’re talking about … and moreover; the last Winter we lived in QC … 2007/08. It started to snow late October, and it just kept on snowing … it never stopped! I’ve never seen anything like it … I look at the pictures now, in amazement..

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