feline apartment dwellers


Like I wrote, in previous post, it’s a big building. They tell me there are 160 units, so you can imagine how few neighbours you get to know! Well … that’s all depending on how “social” you are, of course! Were I to take part in the knitting/crocheting, down in the ‘common room’, every week, I’d probably be very well informed of the goings on in this building … «who died … who moved» and so on. The only place I ‘socialize’ is the laundry room.

The elevators are located in the centre of the building, so each floor gets kind of, divided up … east and west. There are eight apartments on our ‘west part’ of this floor. I don’t know them [except one, whom I’m going to invite for tea], but I know who they are, basically, and would recognize them in the grocery store … we say HI and exchange a few pleasantries in the elevator.

mcduff_lookingbackNow … of these eight apartments, I know for sure there are six cats living here … I even know their names, except one! And that’s only the ones I’m sure of … there are a few uncertainties, there could be more!

First and foremost, of course, there’s our own darlin’ McDuff!

Next door to us we have Polly. She lives with the sweetest, British, lady of 85, you could ever imagine. If I live to be 85, I sure wish I would be like her!

Across the hall from her, lives George. He lives with a couple, my age. They used to have two cats, but one has, sadly, passed away.

On the other side from us we have Esther and Evelyn! The sweet young man, living there, adopted them from a shelter. When I’m out on the balcony in the summertime, I can see them through the screen door.

Then, there’s one more, whose name I don’t know, but whom I’ve met ‘in person’. He snuck out in the corridor, when his owner was talking to someone, so I grabbed him and carried him back.

So, there you have it … imagine all the cats on the other floors! I see a lot of cat sand being carried into this building 🙂

22 thoughts on “feline apartment dwellers

  1. Love the header! How neat that you know all the names of the cats. When I had
    Laddie and we walked, I knew all the dogs names, but not their owners!

    1. Thanks, Linda!
      My ex-SIL has a little dog, she’s very chatty so she knows every dog owner in the neighbourhood — and they are numerous –… but not their names; only the dogs’ names LOL

  2. Wonderful picture of McDuff. what a house you live in!
    Here-only a few stray cats and my own 2 Mads and Marie. Mads choosed to live here, he was an abandoned summerhouse cat. Marie we got from a shelter. They are both about 10 years old, and they are both outdoor when they wish. – And then I have 2 dogs and 2 tortoises.

    1. Mads and Marie have a great life there with you and the other four-legged friends! 🙂 It’s so beautiful there … Here it would be impossible, for obvious reasons, to let them out. The shelters here are always over-crowded and lacking funds … it’s a terrible situation about the cats!

  3. McDuff looks great and a Lovely photo. It´s strange that its Always easier to talk with people who has a cat, or some other pet. You could start a small petshop in the lobby and sell catlitter and food.

    1. Hi hi! That’s so true, Annakarin! I always talk with strangers, while travelling, but NEVER have I talked with so many people as when I was travelling with Hadassah! 🙂 Total strangers get really chatty [not catty LOL]!

  4. McDuff’s profile makes a fabulous header.
    Must be a lot of cats in your building Rebekah! How is it we find it easier to ask the dog/cat’s name but not the owners? When I take Poppy on her daily walk down by the lake, I know most of the dogs names but hardly any of their owner’s names! It’s easy to strike up a conversation with someone who has a pet.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was surprised, myself, how well that photo came out as header…
      Yeah, that’s such a funny phenomenon … how all the dog owners hardly ever know the other person’s name 😀 I remember my ex-SIL talking about people as «Aaron’s mother» and such LOL

  5. Great picture of McDuff!!! 😀 And it sure is one big building!!!

    As you already know there are lots of cats in my neighborhood! My neighbor that lives above me have 6 cats!! I know a few of their names like… Flora, Hugo, Wilma, Nickie or Vickie?

    A neighbor to my Mom has a cat names Sotis. But I heard just this morning that he’s been lost for a few days… I feel for the children in their family, in summer 2013 they lost another cat that got hit by a car… Hope Sotis is alive but maybe someone took care of him?

    1. Thank you, Mona …McDuff sends his best!
      Those are really cute names … and I bet Sotis is really black! 🙂 I do hope he gets back home real soon!

  6. Great blog Rebby!!! I had to laugh!!! I may not know the peoples’ names but I DO know their cats & dogs names!!! HAHAHA!!!
    I had no idea your building had so many units!! It is B-I-G!!
    My building called the Low Rise has 56 units (that is even too big for my liking.) The High Rise has 168 units & it is an 8 floor monstrosity…there are many dogs & cats there…I have made friends with a few people who walk their dogs around our place & in the good months being out with Nylablue we ‘visit’ and chat.
    McDuff is handsome as usual….he really is a treasure!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

    1. 🙂 There are very few, big apartment buildings here in SJ. Three, four perhaps… I like this, big and not very personal. I would never want to rent an apartment in a house where the landlord lives. Dogs are not allowed here, but feline friends are welcome 😀

  7. Hi Rebby: I see the attraction of big & impersonal. Living in this building people seem to ‘know’ alot about each other or they think they do. One has to be careful what one says & if you do not want it repeated do not say it in the first place….
    Wehre I used to live on West Hill was in a duplex (I was downstairs with MingFlower) & my Landlords lived next door. A few times we had disagreements but for the most part things were lovely & my Landlady would cat sit Mingy for me. they were in essence like an Aunt & Uncle to me.
    If I could live in my own 2 bedroom house with a wee yard I would but that is a pipe dream so I make the best of being here. 😉

    1. I never really wanted a house of my own, not when I was younger either. I would have, if I’d had so much money that I’d never have to worry about maintenance and such. Apartment living is care free. I’ve heard so many horror stories from people living in the same house as their landlord … Arguments about water usage and stuff like that, not to mention nosy people. This one here is ideal 🙂 We often talk about how lucky we were — we had a few places we were considering.

  8. I had a house when I was in my first marriage & I loved th little wartime place…it was ramshackle but it was home. Lost it along with business when hubby left me….I never was able to recupe $$$ so hav ehad to live in apartments ever since….I prefer small buildings…like with 20 units…
    My Landlords & I did have a few disagreements but for the most part it was a positive experience; so I must be one of the lucky ones!!!
    I am glad I have a warm place to call home here….for now…not sure if I will stay here forever but just for today it’s A-OK!!!

    1. Yeah, I had one too … beautifully located, by the sea … for a short time. Lost a lot of $$$ there.

      That is something I often think about — how thankful I am to have a place to call home … nice and warm too. Imagine the opposite… ughh

  9. We sure have had some experiences haven’t we Rebby?? I could not take care of a house now so am content in my own apartment…we all ahve to live somewhere right???
    I have been homeless & it was no fun; did not last long but a few days wandering around alone & scared was no fun!! Can’t imagine being homeless in our winter at all….
    UGH is right!! 😉

  10. Mine too & it was no fun I can tell you…no food or shelter & scared I would be assaulted or killed & never found…it made me a bit crazy….thankfully I was taken in by my foster sister Nancy or who knows where I would have ended up 😦

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