out of practice

DSC_7447.NEFPractice makes perfect … or so they say. I think that’s a ‘truth’ that needs to be modified a little. In any event, as the weather was very agreeable yesterday, I brought my camera when we went out to run errands.


It felt as if it had been ages since I’d been in the park. In an older post, I wrote that all the ducks had gone south. Another statement that needed to be modified. They are a lot fewer than earlier years, though.

DSC_7443.NEFI used to shoot ducks in flight with my camera! This is where the ‘out of practice’ comes in. Ducks were flying in and out, and I kept shooting, happily. One image looked really good on the little display on the camera! When I uploaded them to the computer, later, it was such a disappointment … it wasn’t even in focus. Nothing seemed to work, so I need to get out more … but not today! We’re under a rainfall warning! It hasn’t started yet — only dense fog now.

DSC_7479.NEFFurther in to the park, I met this guy and he [or she … but I think it’s a he] was more cooperative, because he stood still 🙂 He has a cute face, and I like the white ‘beard’.

It was kind of sad to see how many trees had broken off during the ice storm, and even more are still totally bent over! In the park, they have a lot of work to do … cleaning up all the hiking trails. It’s a huge park, considering it’s within the city limits.

The ice on the lakes was nice and shiny … really smooth, and would be ideal for skaters. Only saw one, though, but it was afternoon — most people are working, one would hope.


Lily Lake ~ frozen over

23 thoughts on “out of practice

  1. daydreamer2011

    Lovely photos!!

    So true… one get out of practice… fast too!

    And I have STILL not learned all about my cameras lol. I wonder if I ever will…

  2. welldonewriters

    Cute little guy. What kind of deer is that? I sympathize with being out of practice–or empathize actually. During past winters in Florida, I have gotten a few good seagull or skimmer “on the wing” shots, but this year I’m back to a bunch of blurry messes. At least a sunrise shot this morning came out lovely.

    1. colderweather

      Thanks … it’s a white-tailed deer. There are hundreds of them around here … even IN the city.

      I haven’t been out all that much, and have missed some gorgeous sunrises.. This must change 🙂

  3. Janine

    Does the water “lake” thing look heart-shaped to you?? It does to me. Stay warm during the rainstorm. I LOVE the sound of rain.

    1. colderweather

      Yes!!! Now that I look at it, from the side, so to speak. The worst part is that it turned out to be freezing rain, and there are already several, serious accidents out on the highway. One person may have lost her life … not sure yet..

  4. John

    Great captures! As a kid I loved ice skating on our lake. The new background looks great with the website, it fits the site’s content theme well.

    1. colderweather

      Thanks! I remember it was so much fun to skate, but even so, I haven’t done it since I was twelve!

      Glad you liked that background. I do too, and I thought it was alright … not too intrusive.

  5. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Oh boy! Doesn’t that ice just make you want to get out there and lace up a pair of skates?
    How tall was your “bearded” cutie? Just a little fella – like this year’s fawn, perhaps?
    (And, out of focus or not, he’s STILL a beauty; )

    1. colderweather

      Yep … just a little fellah …probably just left his mum, we were thinking. We expected to see more, but there weren’t any others around.. I just wanted to hug him 🙂

  6. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    Really lovely pictures. We have had so much rain that you cant imagine. Today nice and sun, 5-6 C, but it should be colder they say. – But not very much, weird winter here, but then I can enjoy your pictures. I think the ducks and geese ( and all the other birds and animals) like this weather, its easier to them to find something to eat.
    Friday I was the closest to hit a deer than ever, it was scary ( I no, I am not a hunter, it was in my car when I passed through a forest).

    1. colderweather

      That has happened, twice, in my life, Annette … that I almost hit a deer. Both times really sticks out in my memory, because they were both very poignant moments. One, was coming home from the hospital when my mum had died, the other was just a bad time in my life.. Strange, never thought of that before!

  7. livingwithshadows

    i’m sure you will soon be shooting them perfectly again! i never have taken an in focus photo of a bird in motion so you are obviously far more talented than i am to begin with! i love that cute little deer with the white beard! sorry to hear there’s so much storm damage, we don’t have ice like that here thankfully. i would just go into hibernation if we did as theres no way in hell anyone would get me outdoors! terrified of ice since snapping my wrist in the same place three years in a row when i was a child! now when i have to walk on a slippy surface i look like i have had an addident in my knickers!!

    1. colderweather

      I’d never seen an ice storm before either, even though I grew up by the sea. I sure hibernate while it’s going on! I’ve never broken anything but I’m terrified of doing so..
      The ice formations afterwards are so beautiful but it’s so sad to see all the fallen trees..


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