37 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window”

  1. I think I have seen this photo before? And I still love it!! Great colors!! πŸ˜€

    Oh I love your new bg too!!

  2. Oh such a wonderful display for these vintages of syrup! I LOVE how the old liquor bottles compliment this gorgeous array of amber.
    We used to save our emptys for a friend’s dad – a maple syrup man from ‘way back – so this picture makes me smile (may he rest in peace: )

    1. Thank you, Deb!
      I liked it too … we went there every year [friend of G’s] while we lived in QC. Always nice… should have had the ‘real’ camera back then.

      1. Well, LOL, that photo looks pretty “real” to me (it’s a nice job for a fake then; )

        1. Strange, that I can’t recall any smell?! Usually, that’s one thing that stands out. I do, however, recall the ‘taffy’, … maple syrup laid out on the snow … it was like candy..

          1. I’m thinking that… if you didn’t smell it, then they weren’t boiling sap at the time (plus, it’s really hard to miss the billowing clouds of steam; )

              1. LOL, okay, I get your point; ) but, if you didn’t smell it, then they must’ve just started the boil with fresh sap then, right?

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