the sixth day

In the Zero to Hero challenge, the task today was to include an element you’ve never used before. I’m pretty familiar with most of them, but I found this list of all the shortcodes … All sorts of stuff you can embed, that I had no idea of, or never thought of!

To include something I’ve never done before, I chose embedding an Instagram photo.

I’ve bought a new frying pan. It’s blue. Isn’t that just a priceless piece of information?! 🙂 I’d cracked an egg in it, and immediately made an association to a photo/greeting card in my blogging buddy David Bennet’s website Quillcards …


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It’s an egg and it’s blue. There the similarities stop.

12 Replies to “the sixth day”

  1. What a beautiful photograph! The frying pan being blue really is a valuable piece of information. It made the photo especially pretty.

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