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Yesterday’s writing prompt goes well with my morning thoughts today.

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

The answer to that is ‘in the morning’ or ‘while walking’. Now I don’t walk all that much, but I do remember those long walks to work in the mornings. Did some good thinking back then. When you walk, the only thing you can do is to put one foot in front of the other and let your thoughts flow freely.

In the mornings, I feel as if my mind has been charged overnight, like the iPhone. Fully charged, and ready to go. Besides, I start off my mornings by reading blogs. That’s number three of my morning activities; current news, email and blogs.  Hence, I get a lot of inspiration there. More so today, than usual — one post was as if I was reading a confirmation of what I started to think about the other day.

In Facebook, of all places, someone had posted a, sort of, quote. That’s about all I see in my Facebook stream … quotes, cute animals and those ‘shares’, ending with “I know who you are who won’t put this on your wall for an hour”. Ridiculous and maddening.  Now, this one was good, and I’m going to share it here with you!


Items #3 and #5  stood out a bit more than the others! Nowadays, I perhaps don’t speak bad about myself, but my inner thoughts are mostly negative and that needs to change. It won’t be easy to change my own thought process after all these years, but I’m sure going to do it. Notice, how I said ‘going to do it’! I’m not going to try to do it. If I try I have only fifty percent chance of succeeding …   I don’t know why I think all those defeatist thoughts about ME?! I like ME! Partly, it’s due to the culture in which I grew up [Jante], but that doesn’t mean I have to live with it, now that I’ve become aware of it.

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  1. I also think the best when I am walking! But I’m not out walking as much anymore!! THAT will change! I also think in bed, just before going to sleep, but that is NOT good! Cause often I start to think of what I need to do the next day and plan things… Better to plan BEFORE going to bed, but it’s easier said than done, them thoughts just come LOL

    Great post indeed and I so recognize myself in your thoughts! I sure got things to work on as well!

    1. Before falling asleep is NOT good for me either. Not for the same reasons, though. That’s when the really dark thoughts rear their ugly heads … dwelling on the past.

  2. I love that list. I also suffer from 3&4. I think a lot of females have problems with people pleasing. Maybe not the new generations, I hope. It’s self-defeating.

    Yeah, self talk can be really mean! I’ve actually overcome that in the last couple of years.

    P.S. I saw Downton Abbey. I’m not dying for the next episode like I used to feel

      1. I have a friend who always reminded me to say things to myself like “better next time”. Then I’ve read a lot about affirmations – things you can say to yourself everyday. And You have to train your mind to change direction when you say negative things to yourself. The first step is awareness. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself, STOP. Picture a stop sign in your head and then tell it to yourself in a positive way. For example, if you’re criticizing yourself, picture your stop sign and then say it the way you would say it to a child or a good friend. After a long while it becomes second nature. Affirmations are a great thing to do too. 😊

        1. Great! Thanks! Well, the first step is obviously taken. It’s true, that if you do something over and over again, it becomes second nature. I’ll definitely take this to heart 🙂

          1. I’m so glad I can be a help. About the affirmations, I make up my own. The ones you read about always sound so awkward to me. I like to say “I’m doing my best just like the rest” or “I’ll do better next time”. Depending on the situation.

              1. Any tricks for getting around the people pleasing? That one I’m stuck on. The worst is saying “yes” when I really want to say “no.”

                1. No, not really … What I have done, is trying to stay away from certain people instead of constantly putting up/being nice to them … it’s complicated LOL.

                  Deep down, I guess I want people to like me. But if they don’t … well, I guess that’s none of my business 🙂

  3. I do my best thinking in the mornings and when walking ( or running) too. I have my best time the first ½ of the day (an A person).
    That list is good.2 and 3 is connected seen with my eyes, and they are important to me to be aware of ( I am a pupil of flinkeskolen).
    I often had very bad thoughts about myself, and scolded myself, a very bad habit, maybe a result of what was said to me by parents, teachers child. It is possible to change that habit, every time it comes- and it was very much-as soon as I became aware about it, I stopped.
    It isnt difficult Reb, just go ahead, kill Jante LOL

    1. I used to be a student of that school too. Last ten years, it’s gotten a lot better.
      Becoming aware of it is probably the most important part … the change can’t start until then.

      It’s terrible that we grew up with Jante. I think we’ll have to assassinate him! LOL

  4. This advice is just SO perfect; thank you for sharing: )
    Re best thinking done while taking long walks… A CBC Radio One program made mention of this only a couple of days ago (on Sunday perhaps?) Now if only I could recall which show it was for reference):
    Re “people pleasing”: if only EVERYONE did it, there’d be no problem; the old, “Do unto others…” would make Empathy most important!

  5. Re Jante: As we, all of us, have particular strengths and weaknesses, it makes no sense to discourage those who strive to do their best; however, becoming overly proud of one’s accomplishments should be actively DIScouraged.

  6. Oh hey, it’s on right now! The show about “doing your best thinking” is on Spark.

  7. Love Tina’s song!! It uplifts me!
    As for my best thinking that has changed over the years.
    Originally I used to write poetry & short stories while in the bath tub….I know that sounds funny but it was relaxing & I could be totally alone w/out my Mother or other family bugging me.
    Then I did my best writing/thinking late at nite…
    Then it was mid afternoon or when the Sun was setting.
    Now it is erratic…I have become undisciplined. So my best writing happens whenever & my best thinking happens after 11 pm….once all is quiet…no TV or PC on…just Nylablue & i together snuggling & me thinking…..
    Sherri-Ellen xo

    1. I’ve never really thought about it, except for the walking. If I’d been blogging back then, I probably would have had some good ideas during those long, daily walks 🙂 In the tub … that sounds good!

  8. I used to love walking down by the river & feeding the ducks & just thinking…i would sit under the 2 willow trees that I played under as a child. they have both fallen down now due to riverbank erosion….I miss them & those days sitting by the river…I have to get out in the better weather & go find a tree by the inlet here!!!!
    In the tub was fab…no distractions. Ma & stepdad downstairs watching TV; sister & brother in bed. I could sit in tub for an hour & think & compose. I had a notebook & a couple of pens that always went into the bathroom with me. Some of my best high school essays were written in the tub 😉 LOL

  9. LOL we are our own worst critics I think. I used to write awesome essays & poems. I know my health has taken alot of my energy & creativity….
    Then again after Kevin died I found I had nothing left to say…..hmmmmm…..

    1. We certainly are! Poetry was never my thing, but it does happen, that I come across something I really like. Would never consider writing it, myself, though.

  10. I used to write awesome poetry…it just worked for me. I have written short stories also…I even have 3 copyrighted manuscripts…but got too sick to send them off…

    1. What a shame … that you got too sick, and that you can’t do it any longer.
      Poetry has always puzzled me … I don’t know what it is.. When I was younger, I believed it had to rhyme to be a poem, and then I realised it wasn’t so…

  11. Me too about the rhyming…I learned 2/4 rhyme & then I learned Haiku (altho I still suck at that) & I learned the 1/3/5- 2/4 rhyme scheme & finally blank verse using metre…
    I like alot of different poetry but not the stuff that makes absolutely no sense at all…
    I think I may have written a few of those before, hahaha!!!
    Lost the energy to send manuscripts off to publishers. Now I just read my poetry & ‘remember when’….

    1. I guess I’ve seen a lot of that type … that don’t make any sense at all — just words stacked up on one another… and they called it ‘my poetry’… I just never knew what to say 🙂

  12. I have written blank verse using metre so it flows properly & there are coherent ideas; not the mumbo-jumbo they pass off as poetry nowadays….
    I like my poetry to make sense, lol…

    1. Good! 🙂 I always had a hard time with the mumbo jumbo — I thought it was over my head … that I didn’t understand … and perhaps it was, but I never knew what to write LOL

  13. No it is not over your head…it is sheer & utter crap…you have a good mind so you need not worry that it was you!!!
    I am not one for throwing a bunch of ideas together like a collage & making them ‘say something’ …
    When I write a blank verse it is about one subject; I might come at it from different angles but it is all tied together & makes sense.
    Someday I should put one of mine on here…one day…

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