Murphy’s Magic

This morning, I unexpectedly invested about two hours in the blogosphere. This Zero-to-Hero challenge is more fun than I would have thought in the first place. It has a bit of the same spirit as back in 2011, when they [WordPress] launched the Post-a-Day thing.

The headline of this post might sound intriguing, but it only goes to show how much fun you can have with this. I was reading other blogs, taking part in the ZerotoHero … one question I had, led to the funniest conversation I’ve had online for quite some time. It went from Lady Antebellum to laundry detergent and magic. 

Most often I feel that I have so much more meaningful exchanges of thoughts here, in the blogosphere as compared to Facebook. Two human beings communicating, without knowing whether the other one is a male or female … age, whereabouts … nothing! It’s a wonderful thing!

All this resulted in me being behind in my non-existing schedule … got to have some breakfast! 🙂 

13 Replies to “Murphy’s Magic”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one loving this challenge 🙂 Wish you the best of luck as we continue through this and HOPE it stays fun 😛

  2. I have explained the differences between WP and FB to my wife, trying to get her more interested in WP, but she just likes her FB more. No big deal but I tell her she’s missing something much better…

  3. Can tell you’re having fun! 😉

    Now when son is off school I do not really have any schedule as well. Kind of nice… 😛

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