I have nothing to say?!

I almost always have something to say. The thing is merely to get some structure into all those loose thoughts.

In this little blogging project I’m taking part in, they suggested, on day 2, that we’d make a text widget with a brief description of the blog. I already have both an «About Me» page and another page about ColderWeather itself, so I thought I could pick a few things out of them and make a really ‘compressed’ text widget. You can see the result here in the right column, with a purple background.

Html5While I was at it, I added the two colours with the help of HTML. I still remember the basics of it, from back in 2006 when we were blogging in Yahoo 360°. That was one of the reasons I had so much fun there — they had this editor where you could make changes to your page/theme.  There were groups, where we tried to help each other out with any HTML issues we might encounter. It was so much fun and so rewarding at times.

One episode jumped out in my memory today: In this help group, there was a woman in the U.K. who couldn’t get an image centered. At least back then, that was pretty straightforward … just type <center>, so we were baffled when she couldn’t get it to work. After four, five attempts, it dawned on me; she was typing ‘centre’ instead of center without even noticing it. Oh, the little differences in our common language! 😀

I used to write ‘center’, but when I’d lived some time here in Canada, I thought I had to make up my mind once and for all — I kept going back and forth. Subsequently, I set my Chrome browser’s spell check to «English UK».

28 thoughts on “I have nothing to say?!

      1. purpleborough

        I have done that before they made it seem more difficult than I remember.
        I will read yours and continue on with mt third person experiment. It is good for the brain!

    1. colderweather

      He he! That’s good 🙂
      It’s kind of fun, somehow … just thirty days! I like the forum they’ve set up for it … great place to meet new bloggers.

                1. colderweather

                  Oh my … he has a cold?! That’s terrible! I have no book to read tonight, so it will be iPad book for the first time. But I have a goodie waiting down in the Library! Yay..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Thanks for the reminder! (Now I can stop fighting with spellcheck/autocorrect over a boatload of really annoying things: )

  2. daydreamer2011

    Ahhhh I remember those days…. I miss them too! And as you very well know I miss yahoo360° …

  3. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    I miss 360 too, much indeed. Its important with HTML to write the correct word or it will fail, I had problems with grey and gray.


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