a few words about .ME

The URL/address of this blog is colderweather.ME. I bought that domain name.

Colderweather was the original title of my blog, but I never actually got it as a user ID. It was always taken. There must be a lot of people who like that song, which is only natural … it was a hit! In my case, it wasn’t just about the song. It’s on a more personal level; I suffer immensely when it’s hot [and humid].

winter-duckI wanted colderweather.COM. The first year, some domain name squatter had signed up for that, and done nothing with it. I chose .NET but didn’t really like it as it was .com I wanted. A few months back, I checked again, to see if the squatter had given up. It had, but now it was taken for real! A company somewhere in Colorado … outfitters for duck (!!!) hunting! Bleh…

So … .ME it was! Not because Maine is our neighbour, I don’t have any particular affinity for Montenegro either. It just seemed fitting as I write a lot about myself, and I yearn for colder weather in the summertime.

The second part of all this seemed to be a little bit of magic. If you haven’t fallen asleep yet, and moreover, is in the possession of any kind of Apple device, you’ll know that you can get an Apple email address with your Apple ID.

When I bought the iPhone, a year and a half ago, and signed up for my ID, they offered email addresses in this format: quaquaquaq@me.com. I’d had my phone only a few days, when Apple decided to change that to  quaquaquaq@icloud.com. I didn’t like that so I was very pleased that I’d signed up before. They won’t take the old ones away.

Now the magic: Two, three months ago, when I decided to take this blog name back … just for fun, I looked in Apples webmail, to see if I could get colderweather as an alias email. That would be colderweather at icloud dot com, but no … that was taken it said! That wasn’t very surprising so I just moved on. It wasn’t as if I was in any great need of another email address LOL.

The following day, I went back into the settings to set up some forwarding, or whatever … and what do I see?! All of a sudden I had, inexplicably,  GOT it, even though they said it was taken?! And not only that: I also got the «dot ME» part, even though that’s gone lone time ago. That was the moment when I decided to sign up for this domain name! Now you know 😀

24 Replies to “a few words about .ME”

  1. OMG Rebekah, he is beautiful! The light is so perfect: I’ve never seen a better example to highlight a drake’s iridescence, the amazing shading of the bill, crisp white collar and rusty-chestnut bib or sharp-eyed focus; not to mention the added bonus of the subtle body & wing shading of his flock mate in the background.
    And, there’s nothing like the security of a well-stocked larder – the Heritage Apple’s frosty promise of sustenance…

    1. Deb; yes! He’s a fine bird … a Winter Mallard 🙂 As the snow is still falling on my page [on the computer … doesn’t show on the phone], these pictures look even funnier. I just expect to see an accumulation on his bill!

  2. Glad everything is working out for you Reb!!

    And wow!! Just LOVE that photo of the winter mallard!!

    I’m still a bit annoyed that the snow won’t work at all on my page… =o/

  3. Congratulations with your luck. Sometimes wishes come true. Its a wonderful picture of the mallard.
    It is not often that its so hot here that I cant stand it- but above 30C and very high humidity- I am sold.Its years ago it was like that – fortunately.

    1. They do indeed … maybe it’s 2014?! 😉
      Here it gets up to around 30ºC in the summertime, but it’s the humidity that’s the worst. Constantly around 98% all the time. I had not experienced anything like it before I came here. Well … maybe during a short vacation in Florida, but that’s so long ago, so I guess I forgot..

  4. Congrats on finally getting your name! I loved the story and the photo of the mallard or “duck” as we would say in the south!

    I do not like extremes of weather. Too hot and I am cross; too cold and I am cross. By cross, I mean, I stay inside in a controlled environment when maybe it would be more fun to be out.
    Heat actually makes me ill so tolerating cold is easier for me.

    1. «Cross» is a word I used frequently in my younger days, as I was taught British English in school. In the meaning of being angry with someone … «I get so cross with him». Now … not so much. I no longer say things like «I fancy a cup of tea» either 😀

      The humid heat makes me physically sick, so yes … a controlled environment is the best. I must say, though, that last summer wasn’t the worst … it was liveable.

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