so you want to write something

On this morning, of the year’s last day, I wanted to write something, but wasn’t really sure what. Started looking at photos.

Flickr is my photo storage place of choice — I’ve been a member there since 2005. For those of you, not familiar with the service, they have this «Favourite» feature … guess it’s a bit like «Like» in Facebook or here in WordPress.

Flickr is social, but I’ve never been very active there … like I said, it’s my storage place and that’s about it. In the beginning, I had not even understood the social part of it, and uploaded ALL my pictures set to ‘Public’ …made a total fool of myself. I mean, this was perhaps 2006, I didn’t edit or do anything, they were basically straight out of the camera and I rarely deleted anything.

Now that was a parenthesis. Today I took a look at my ‘Favorites’ in Flickr. Over all these years, I’d only ‘favorited’ 360 photos. When I’ve hit that little star in Flickr, it’s because I’ve really, REALLY liked it … not as in FB where you hit ‘Like’ right and left.

Sometimes I fall in love with a photo, head over heals, and then I never forget them. They are not many I’ve felt that way about … maybe ten, and I’m never really sure WHY I love them so much … a mood, perhaps … a colour scheme, or just the general composition.

Better DaysThis one, by Thomas Hawk — a photographer in San Fransisco whom I’ve followed since the days of FriendFeed. This picture is one of those, where I really don’t know why, but I love it and I never forget it.

Here’s a link to my Flickr Favorites … there are a lot of raccoons and puffins! 🙂

I have another one also, of two eggs … think David over at Light Reading, knows which one I’m talking about. Heh! 🙂 Check out his terrific eCard site Quillcards … they have a free trial offer right now!

…and if I’m not back later on today: A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2014 to all of you in the blogosphere!

20 Replies to “so you want to write something”

  1. A million thanks for the mention 🙂

    Your flickr favourites are great – one that I specially connect with is the hare bounding across the road. Boy oh boy, is it full of life.

    A super happy New Year to you.

  2. The Flickr pics are amazing- the white headed owl just caught me.
    Happy New Year to you, Gerry and McDuff. Godt Nytår.

    1. Gott Nytt År till Dig och dina, Annette! May it be the best of years …so far 🙂

      Yeah, there are so many good photographers out there. I must constantly remind myself that it’s not a competition. In that case, I’d sell the camera right away…

  3. Sorry, I was all over the place here; so, in no particular order…
    Love the vintage (Mercedes, I think?) door handle and all the soft tones, light, colour, focus – no pressure – only possibilities…
    Your “Frozen in Time” is SO gorgeous: love it, LOVE IT!!
    Never did find the (Snowshoe?) Hare ‘though – Flicker was NOT getting along with my phone):
    Happy, happy New Year Bekah: )

  4. I sure can understand why you fell in love with that photo!! It speaks to me as well! 🙂 It IS hard to pin point what it is exactly why it is so special….

    I haven’t been over to Flickr for a long time! I have a few photos there these days, mostly on private. I should get more organized with my photos. I did get an externel (spelling? ) hard drive for Christmas so I can save a lot of pictures on that. But will copy my better photos I think and put them on Flickr.

    1. I have ALL my photos there … everyone I’ve ever taken. Now at least I’ve learnt to set it to ‘Private’ by default, and only let a few out in public LOL

      I’ve been eyeing a wireless one for some time now … it looks good. We’ll see..

  5. I used to have all my photos there before but then one day I thought I would burn all the pictures on cd’s so I did lol. I guess I suddenly were afraid that Flickr one day would go down and I would lose all pictures! LOL

    1. I’ve often thought about that — especially since it’s Yahoo. But then again; considering all the thousands of users … IF they were to go belly-up, they just CAN’T leave everybody hanging … they HAVE to do something. So … I go on uploading 🙂

      1. You’re right about that! 😀

        I think I will start to upload more there as well! I already got too much on my computer and it would be awful if I would lose them if something should happen!

      2. Call me paranoid, if you will; but “Better safe, than sorry.” definitely springs to mind here and, as technical failure is always a possibility: backup, backup, backup. Did I mention backup?

      3. Or (worst-case scenario) that Solids rule over Electronics i.e. An External is good, but discs exist?; )

  6. I can relate when it comes to being social on Flickr, and done the exact same thing of posting all photos without editing, got to change my ways..

    Great favourites there, I like that they mostly revolve around nature!

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