The end of 2013 is nigh. It’s really just another number in the calendar, but psychologically I like to sum up the year that went by. I even used to make up two columns … one + and one – . Haven’t done that this time, but one event stands out … one that could go in both columns. My husband got very ill this Spring, during his trip to France. That was bad, but the fact that he survived definitely goes in the positive column.

For a while, I was inspired, by Cardinal Guzman, to pick one photo for each month but this year hasn’t been a good one, photo-wise. Started looking through my albums, so I’d spent almost two hours this morning when I decided against that. Of course I’ve taken photos that I like, but not one each month.

Besides, the organisation of my files got a little messed up when I got this new MacBook. Still working on that, and I’m beginning to think a wireless, external hard-drive would be a good thing to have. Does anyone have any experience with that? We have one that is connected via USB to the Windows computer, but it scares me a little to think that it won’t last forever …

One photo, at least, I really liked and am still glad I got around to take:

DSC_3459.NEFThe Old Courthouse, Saint John

In June, I took a trip to Sweden, which was nice! Had my new iPad with me, and thought I’d write much more during the actual trip, but that didn’t happen. Next time, I’ll be more focused.

In order to finish off this post [that I feel is going nowhere]; one big change this year was that I became an «Apple person», as I bought the MacBook in September. Got sucked in, first, by the iPhone, then the iPad in March … and I’ve never looked back! Even though the iPad got ‘possessed‘, and had to be turned back in, that in itself was such a positive experience, service-wise, so I can’t complain … both from Apple and FedEx!

Finally, I feel very pleased to have my blog back at COLDERWEATHER. That’s how it started, and that’s where it’s going to stay. No more moving.

PS: Those last, three words might be my New Years resolution 🙂 …I have one blog and one email!

33 Replies to “summing-up”

  1. I didnt know that Gerry was ill, the best is that he is well again- it must have been awful to both of you- also that it happened so far away from home.
    I havent tryed using an apple device-but I am more and more curious. One of my friends has an Mac airbook so I will try to have a go when she comes home from Japan- she is there for 3 months trying to learn Japanese a little better, she has been in school in Copenhagen for 3 years before this travel ( and she wrote to me that the tutoring in DK has been almost useless).
    One thing that keeps me to Windows is that Ole – my hubby- knows a lot about this system and is able to help in many situations. But after the newest update to Win 8.1 he is not so sure about things.

    1. I never wrote about it, not about him being away either. I never post publicly about being home alone.
      Picking him up at the airport was a shocker, and went straight to the ER.

      Before the iPhone, I’d never used an Apple device either! Then there was the iPad, which is the same thing, but I was beginning to realise how neat it would be to «be in the ecosystem» with the iCloud and all that. Expected the transition from Windows to OSX to be much more difficult than it turned out to be.

      I can almost imagine that she thought that. Even though I think the English-education in Sweden was terrific, I notice how much more I had to learn, when actually living the language …

      1. No its not good to post about being alone- or going on holiday (telling that your house/flat is left alone for so and so many weeks), internet is very public!
        Windows has a cloud too- here in 8 and 8.1. Btw. Apple is very expensive here, an Ipad cost about 6000 DKr – I have a Medion tablet (Android) – it costs 2500 DKR and it is good enough, most of the time I use my desktop.
        The English teaching in school was mediocre and absolutely not more. I dont know why it is so easy to me reading English because in grammar school it was biology and math.
        Writing English was new to me when I started writing mails and on sites, I had never done that before. Speaking English – yes now and then to conferences and with colleges from different countries. First when I met Pearl and we started to talk it became natural – and today I speak English every day- sometimes I even think in English LOL.

        1. Not sure but I think I paid corresponding to SEK 3,000 for the iPad?! Retina…
          The English education was what it was, I guess, but I think the fact that we have subtitled TV [instead of dubbed], made a helluva difference. You hear it spoken all the time, and read at the same time. I’ve been lucky too, as my first job, when I was 17, was at an American company so I had to speak a lot! But then again … that was ‘work-English’. When the Internet came around, I realized how bad my ‘day-to-day English’ was! Not to mention since I came here.

          Think it took me about a month here, before I started thinking in English. I’m still missing so many words..

  2. I’ve been thinking about setting up a NAS server to store all my files, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. You can always use some server storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or something similar. If you’re worried about privacy it’s possible to encrypt your folders/files before saving them on the server (cloud storage as they call it these days).

    1. No, this is only about photos. I have Google Drive and I’ve had my Flickr account since 2005. Dropbox, I don’t use all that much, because I don’t want to fill it up, having to pay. I just like to have a hard drive here at home, to store stuff on … a backup.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that Gerry was so ill in the Spring, that must have been awful for you to go through. Becoming an ‘Apple’ person seems to have been the thing this year, because I got myself an Apple Mac and love it; still trying to figure out iphoto though!
    Your summing up for 2013 is a good one Rebekah, and was glad to hear Colderweather is staying put!
    Personally, I can’t wait for 2014, hope it’s a better one than this year.

    1. Yay! You got yourself a Mac! That’s wonderful!!! 🙂
      To be totally honest … I’m still trying to figure that one out LOL [iPhoto]. I like using it, because it’s good, but all pictures I import there seem to end up in my Photostream on the iPhone and iPad. It’s very confusing.

      In the beginning I had it set to my default picture editor, so as soon as I downloaded photos from the camera, they ended up in my Photostream … ALL of them! Had to go back to Picasa for that. The more I think about it, the more it feels like my brain is boiling LOL

      I sure hope you’ll get a MUCH better 2014!

  4. Well my thoughts are that for whatever lack of opportunity you had to take photos this year – you got some good ones with the opportunities you had 🙂

    And your writing has been a source of enjoyment the whole year through.

  5. Hurrah Rebby!!! One blog; one email…sounds like ‘one love’!!!
    trust me it is easier to have less rather than more…
    I have the 2 email accounts (one for regular emails & WP & one for FB posts). I don’t get overwhelmed & I can move between teh 2 with ease.
    I enjoy having one blog so that I can stay focused on it…
    We are going to rock 2014… 😉
    Happy New Year to you & G. & McDuff….
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

    1. Yep … feels G O O D! 🙂 ColderWeather … that’s it, especially now! Think it went up to -18ºC or some such today!
      I have one more email … it’s the same but a different provider. They both end up in the same place anyway. Very convenient.

      Happy 2014 to you and Nylablue

  6. May your New Year be full of Good Cheer! (With massive best wishes to the three of you: )

  7. Must have been awful when Gerry was so ill … I’m truly glad that he recovered and doing well!

    Love that photo of the stair! 😀

    One thing that I am pleased with in 2013, is that SIO finally believed in me and that I am now retired!

    1. Yeah, it was scary … I couldn’t talk about it.

      Oh MY, that must have been the peak of a whole series of years!!! I was/am so HAPPY for you, and I still think about it — what a relief that must have been!

  8. And then reality hit yesterday here….one of the women in the east wing of building committed suicide Xmas nite & was just found yesterday. I had to tell her boyfriend who just lives down the hall from me. It has been a nightmare. There is alot that went on in the background that also upset me. Then Nylablue’s bowel disease has flared up seriously & I had to rush Nylablue to the Vet this morning….here we go again 😦

    1. Oh my goodness!!! How sad! …and you having to tell the boyfriend?! That’s terrible … had she been reported missing or something?! If she did it on Christmas night…
      Poor Nylablue… hope it will be sorted out somehow..

  9. The boyfriend & I had spoken at great length a few times last week. He told me Carrie broke off with him dec. 23rd & the words she used could be interpreted 2 ways. The boyfriend thought she was going to her daughter’s for Xmas. We do not know if she went. The neighbor realized the exhaust fan was on 24/7 since Xmas nite…& she noticed a very bad smell….so the neighbor begged the Custodian to go in. Once I knew Carrie was deceased I could not bear the thought of the Police going to the boyfriend & announcing her death & trust me many of your Police are complete jack*sses here. So I did the right thing & took the boyfriend to speak to the Police. They were smart enough to cal in Crisis Team & his Sister. The boyfriend & I agreed when Carrie ‘got back’ from where ever she was we would sit down with her & sort things out….
    Now we know in hindsight what Carrie told the boyfriend was a ‘final goodbye’..if only we had realized……
    Then poor Nylablue having a flare-up of the Bowel has been brewing for a week…I just have to stay in today & not crazy make. Hopefully the medication will stabilize her again.

    1. Such a sad story. Yes, you did the right thing … I’ve heard a real horror story, with regards to getting informed by the police. I’ll tell you about it some time..

  10. I can imagine the story you could tell…I have a horror story about the local Police here when Kevin was found. Their attitude almost pushed me over the edge….that was why I intervened…no one should be maligned & belittled by those who are supposed ‘to serve & protect’!!

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