26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

  1. Det er ubeskrivelig smukt. Jeg kan føle og mærke det. In Danish because of my limited English.
    We still have very warm weather for this time of the year. But now the sky is clear, its already dark. A beautiful night will come

  2. Today we finally went above freezing so, after a week, the 1″+ of freezing rain is finally releasing the trees. It looks like you’ve had quite a bit more snow there, but how much ice did you eventually wind up with?
    LOVE the photo (in your footer?) of the black chain link of “hearts and cotton balls”

    1. The ice is still in place, but it has snow on top of it now, and the next snowstorm will be arriving tomorrow. Supposedly, this, new, storm will be very similar..

      I assume you’re looking at the blog on your phone, so yes, those little «cotton balls» are in the header 🙂

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