they caught on


Was checking out what photos I took last year on this date, and found one of my favourites! The lovely Lily Lake, all dressed up in white. See how shiny that road looks to the left in the photo?! I don’t remember if it was wet or icy, but today here in Saint John, and large part of New Brunswick, we’re under a big «freezing rain warning».  I see how the glass pane on the balcony is covered with ice … it looks almost like bark on a tree. Can only imagine what the cars must be like!

Anyway, next to Lily Lake is the duck pond. I’m happy to see that somehow … in the last minute, all the ducks caught on — that it was time to go south — because there aren’t any ducks left and the pond is frozen over.

Deb and I had a conversation, here in the blog, about the problem with people feeding them, so they wouldn’t migrate, a couple of weeks ago. The following day, CBC aired an interview with one of the naturalists there in the park, about how ducks would die because of malnutrition [stale, white bread]. Then I don’t know what happened, if the ducks were listening in, but the next day they were, magically, all gone! 🙂 This sign, has been more or less, ignored for three years now, but perhaps that interview had effect?! It was both on the radio and local TV news.

What a delight it will be to see them return. This is what it used to look like there.


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  1. People with good intentions sometimes do not realize the impact of there actions. As a kid we might feed salted peanuts to squirrels in the park, no clue we were actually harming them with large doses of sodium.

    1. Hello 🙂
      That’s right … most of the time, it’s out of pure ignorance. People don’t want to harm … they do it out of the goodness of their hearts! The sign, they put up there, is very informative and good, but it didn’t take effect … at least not until now.

      1. yeah me too. In southern Ontario the geese stopped migrating because people were feeding them so they stayed and bred and stayed and….well, then of course there was goose poop everywhere so now people wanted the geese shot to reduce the population. Are humans crazy or what?

        1. People are crazy.

          Here, at least, the Canada Geese don’t stay. Nobody’s feeding them. Back home, they live all year ’round, but nobody wants to shoot them. They send out the fire department when they get stuck in the ice. They’ve also put a pump in the water, at one place, to keep it open for the ducks (!) …

          1. oh that’s just wonderful. It’s so nice when humans help rather than the contrary. Ten years ago, sitting outside the Louvre, i was thrilled to spot a mallard in the fountain water behind me. I told everyone he had followed me from home. See, that’s where crazy Canadian stories come from! lol

            1. LOL Yes! That’s wonderful!!! When I left Sweden, for real, in May 2004, my ex-SIL drove me to the airport. As we pulled off the highway, into the small airport … right in the corner there, a sole Mallard was standing … like ‘on guard’, and we both burst out laughing! She too, knew about my thing for the ducks, and we figured he just wanted to say good bye… 😀

  2. Very nice pic. Yep – we have all the ducks here, now. The Pelican and Whoopers, too. Send them back to you in a few months.

  3. Great Pictures!!

    Just the other day they had a big article about this older lady that’s been feeding the ducks at our small Creek for 10 years now! They know her and as soon as they see her coming down the road they go and meet her lol. She is my neighbor now since late summer!

    1. Thanks! 🙂

      That’s sweet … that they recognize her! Here … as soon as a car [any car], pulled up, they came marching. You could see, in the pond, how the whole ‘fleet’ changed direction when a car parked there.. car = food

  4. Its very common here in Denmark to feed ducks and swans by small lakes (and the beaches). They are fed by the public-and the Naturstyrelsen, an apartment under the environment ministry.
    We have loads of geese and ducks here where I live, and they are on their own- I can hear them almost every morning when they start with their morning meeting- I think they need a chairman, they all talk at the same time.
    Many of them stay the winter over, and some fly south, I am always a little sad when they start their flight South, but I know that most of them come back again. When they start arriving I know its spring again.

    1. Great! I think crows and magpies need chairmen too 🙂
      I assume that the Naturstyrelsen feed them duck seed, at least, and not stale bread LOL.
      It will be wonderful to see all the mallards and wigeons returning in the Spring!

      I’ve never seen so many ploughs of Canada Geese going south, as this Fall! Every morning, just by sunrise, I first heard them honking, and then the plough flew by our windows here. They can’t have all been from here … they must have come from farther up north, and made a stop-over here..

  5. They knew THIS (………………jpg&nbimages=1&clf=1) was coming and had enough sense to leave before it got here? And WE call THEM dumb animals? Perhaps only because they can’t speak!
    Anyway, I have two questions for you: “When – or DID they – leave last year?” and subsequently, “How mild was your winter?”; because if the weather to this point is any indication, we are in for a doozer…

    1. They might have known 😉

      1. They didn’t leave last year.
      2. It’s been extremely cold here before this ice storm arrived … down towards -27ºC at night.. Last winter wasn’t much, in fact I’ve never seen the pond frozen over like this during these five years I’ve been here..

  6. We have a sign at our park about not feeding the ducks, but people continue to feed them anyway. It drives me nuts!! I think they must not see the sign. They should teach these things in school. Ditto for letting dogs get into chocolate – it causes pancreatitis in them in large quantities.

    1. It’s infuriating! Here, they stand right beside the sign, or don’t even get out of their cars. I’ve been so tempted to say something, but so far, I’ve held myself back. I knew about the dogs..

  7. The ducks are smarter than humans. They left town. We hear that refined white flour isn’t good for us and we keep on eating it. 🙂

      1. Hmm, was it Confucius who said “He who does not learn from his mistake is doomed to repeat it.”?

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