This last season, I’ve followed three shows on TV: HOMELAND is my favourite, then there were two, new ones. The Blacklist, I took a liking to, mainly because James Spader is such a great actor — I’ve liked him since the days of Boston Legal [what a wonderful show!!!]. Then there was Hostages. I picked that one out because of the producer; Jerry Bruckheimer, who has produced so many other, good shows. Both Homeland and Hostages are of Israeli origin, curiously enough.

I’ve followed Homeland since the very first episode — it’s a series that really keeps you on your toes, you can’t miss a line, then you’d be lost … not to mention missing an episode, but wouldn’t you know! I missed the season finale of BOTH Homeland and The Blacklist!

What’s wrong with me … with all the cutting edge technology I possess?! I’ve never been into New Years resolutions but this time I DO have one: Every show I follow will be set up as a reminder on my iPhone!

There you have my TV-watching- habits! I’m not much of a ‘TV person’ … I’m more of a ‘web person’, but Homeland was the important one, and I was pretty upset when I realized I’d missed the season finale, of all things!!!

Last night, I did watch it, though, because Homeland is aired on a channel that has the «on demand» thing. It was a very surprising episode … especially since there’s a season 4 coming. The Blacklist, I’ve got to watch on the computer.

17 thoughts on “reminder

  1. Do you still have Netflix? I think you can see Homeland on there. I have only seen the first four Blacklist. I have them recorded though.

  2. I am not a TV person at all. I dont know the series you mention, but isnt it possible to stream them from your TV station?
    I dont have the patience to follow a series for weeks and months. Bron/Broen the Swedish -Danish production came in series number 2 this autumn, I havent seen it yet, I will by it on DVD’s when it comes from the Danish Radio. Its said to be even better than the first year. The best actor/actress in
    it is after my opinion Sofia Helin as the Swedish detective, she is excellent.

    1. I used to even less of a TV-person … only had ONE show that I followed [Flashpoint], but this Autumn, I decided to watch the snippets they showed of the new ones, and pick a few … give them a try. Homeland was season 3.

      When they are broadcast on Canadian channels, I can, but not when they’re on American networks. Well … I CAN, but then I’d have to mess with the VPN and I don’t know how much quota I have left there … I use that for Spotify too..

    2. … and I hit the button before I was finished! I can watch some Swedish TV too, but not all. Most of the time it says «not available in your country» … like Donald Duck on Christmas Eve, for example LOL

      I don’t know of Sofia Helin. So much new in ten years! It was very noticeable when I was there [in Sweden] and watched the news! Didn’t recognize any of the news anchors.

  3. Homeland is awesome. It’s based on the Israeli series Hatufim (English title: Prisoners of War). The Israeli series is also good! I’ll definitely check out Hostages. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Blacklist is golden. I stopped after 4th eps because of work ouch. I really need to catch up T_T will do that in holiday! And I definitely need to check out Homeland. I’ve been getting too much suggestions of it.

    1. I have yet to watch the season finale of Blacklist. During the holidays there will be time…
      Homeland you need to watch from the very first episode 🙂

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