separate yourself

I liked a blog post today! It was in WordPress’ own blog, the Daily Post, and about a subject I’ve written about myself, several times: Where to draw the line about how personal you want to be in the blogging.

For some time, I felt a little pensive about that — there were times I thought I was being too personal [and I was right], those posts are still up, I never remove anything. These days, I feel like I’ve found a nice balance and there are other forums if one wants a more cathartic blog. I believe in sharing some parts of myself and it’s also inevitable when writing like I do … about my past and present life. A few blogs I read, and have read for years, are totally free of the personal part … Β and to me that makes for a kind of weird experience — like a face devoid of features, somehow. I don’t need a photo, most of the bloggers in my little circle, I’d made up a ‘mental image’ of, just by reading them.

Now … this WordPress blog that I read today, was very informative with lots of tips and tricks — also, the comments were very interesting!

After reading that, I went ahead and made a Facebook page for ColderWeather! I don’t have any goal for this blog — don’t feel the constant urge to drive traffic to it — this is just a nice little ‘hobby’ that I have, but still … the Facebook page-concept sounded interesting. I don’t think my real name will show there [I don’t have my full name in Facebook anyway], and that’s a good thing. A few years ago, I had my blog connected to Facebook in a way that my blog posts appeared in my timeline, but I didn’t like that at all. If people read the full post at all, they still went back to Facebook to comment. Most of them only read the excerpt or looked at the picture. I’ll find out more about how it works now, as I go.

moonOn a totally different note, the full moon was amazing this morning when I got up! It was still very dark, at 7AM, and it was on its way down. It was hanging there, just begging to be photographed, so I dragged out the tripod and the camera, put on a thick coat on top of my nighties and went out on the balcony. It was 18 degrees below freezing, and windy to boot! I’ve taken so many moon shots in my days, but this time … it just wouldn’t work. Perhaps because I hadn’t had coffee?! πŸ™‚ My fingers got totally stiff immediately. It wasn’t funny, and I gave up pretty soon.

Yesterday, in the park, I had much better luck with my photography! This little guy smiled at me, I think!


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  1. Yes, it was a good post from WordPress, one that interested me very much.
    I have a FB page called Pet Power Tails. I put my posts on there from my blog Passionate About Pets, but I find people just look at the picture and read the excerpt. Some comment there, but not many follow through to my blog, so I lose a lot of comments and new followers to my blog. I wonder if it’s worth while sometimes. I own the domain Pet Power Tails because Passionate About is unavailable. I’d like to unify them but not sure what to do.

    1. Hey Barb … that’s the same phenomenon as when I used to post to my timeline?! I thought that ‘page’ would make it better! At least, my name isn’t showing there — I’ve checked that now. In some cases [while I had the timeline thing], there were people who actually DID go to my blog and read, but then they went BACK to Facebook to comment?! That way, you lose comments, and if that happens again, I’ll just take it down.

      Oh Barb, that’s really easy! You go into the ‘Store > Domains’ here from the Dashboard [where you buy a domain for your blog]. Fill in your PetPowerTails and it will tell you that that’s already taken, BUT it will also ask: ‘is this YOUR domain?’ Then you can have it mapped to here for 12 bucks or so … But you must make sure, over at your registrar’s page, that it’s ‘unlocked’. Usually a very easy procedure…

  2. I liked that post on the Daily Post too. I’ve never wanted to connect my blog to my FB page. But yes to Instagram and Twitter because it’s less personal. I don’t have the energy to maintain a FB page for my blogs.

    Thank you for freezing your tukus off to get that beautiful photograph of the moon! And the squirrel does look as if he is smiling at you. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, that post had a lot of useful stuff in it! They wrote a lot about LinkedIn of course too, but that’s not for me as I’m not working and don’t have any plans to work either. We’ll just see how it goes with this FB page. I’m not sure how it works but I’m going to find out, I guess. If I end up getting the comments there instead of here, I just take it down.

      I liked that picture, even though the moon got overexposed…

  3. Thanks for your comment on mine over at DP πŸ™‚ Exactly like you, I found that people who read my blog from FB commented on FB, so I ended up with comments on the blog and comments on FB which seemed pretty disjointed to me. I would rather work to build up a reasonable community of readers on the blog than have a half and half odd mix. If it works for you this time, let us know!

    My moon shots are usually terrible. Hoping with the iPhone 5 to get some better night time shots. I’m quite impressed with the camera on it, I took some shots last night of the Christmas lights, so must upload them and see how they worked out.

    Is it a grey squirrel?

    1. It’s a red squirrel.

      Yes, that’s what I’m going to do … see if the same thing happens with the FB PAGE as it did with the timeline. Then it has to go. I want my little circle to be here, not in FB, which I don’t even really like. Not even sure what I’m supposed to do there … post little updates about my blog, like Β«I changed the theme ..check it out!Β» LOL most people read on their phones or tablets anyway…

      I still have iPhone 4S. I’m going to wait until next … but I did take one night shot yesterday morning through the window. Not too bad, I must say, considering it IS a phone after all πŸ™‚

      1. Normally red ones look really really red which is why I was confused I suppose – or maybe the faces aren’t very red! They are quite rare in the UK as the grey ones have driven them out especially in urban populations which is also why I leaned towards grey.

        Great comment re FB – that’s a bit like what people write on Twitter too. I was reading someone’s Twitter stream on their blog and nearly passed out laughing. If blogging is perhaps not the best use of time, some of the social media sites are just absolutely banal – I know, I’ve been there. I read on laptop not ‘phone, and have no tablet. Different cultures, different continents – miles apart.

        We started with 3 and liked it so much partner got a 3G but when mine got nicked in a theft from the car three years ago, I was given his 3G as I couldn’t manage without an iPhone (!!) The reason I’ve got the 5C (it’s a few posts back on roughseas) is because the 3G suddenly went dead on me and wouldn’t charge. Turned out to be a tired cable/lead on the charger but by then he had bought me a 5C -:D just took a while for us to connect it up, he couldn’t and I had to find a free wifi place to activate it. Technology huh. It’s good though, I’m getting used to it. He was going to buy me a 5S but there weren’t any in so that saved a hundred quid or so.

        1. In some pictures I’ve seen of squirrels in the U.K. they seem to have longer ears?! …or longer ‘tassels’ on their ears. Our guys normally look more red than this … maybe they’re in the midst of changing to their winter garb.

          Yeah, Twitter … I don’t know what to do there. I never say anything … what could I say?! That I’m going to make an omelette for supper? Bah! No, I use it solely as a news source.

          I will be free of my contract next year, so when 6 comes out, I’ll be able to upgrade. Love the 4S still though. Couldn’t be without it!!!

    1. It sure does … a big spotlight. Could have done better, but it was also very windy and many of my shots didn’t get really sharp..

      Surely they must be around somewhere there too … they’re everywhere! LOL

  4. Facebook has not helped any with driving traffic to my blog…..nobody comments on FB so I just assume I either write too personal or what I write is just boring. I just decided it did not matter to me! The few readers I have are enough. I like them!
    Love the heading and that cute squirrel.

    1. Thank you! That header image is a little pile of snow from the park last year. The more I think about that FB-thing, the more I feel it will go away … didn’t even get the URL/address for it — had to add an s, so it turned out colderweathers. I really like my little circle of blogging buddies here and I don’t want that to be fractioned out..

  5. I know I have been too personal sometimes, and at other times I am holding back.

    I have always loved reading your blogs! And of course I love your photos too!

    I am just so preoccupied lately and is why I lose track with reading blogs AND to blog myself. But I really do want to get back into it as it is something I do like, plus I do believe it is good to get some things written down, and then maybe come back another time and read it and go hmmm… what was I thinking then lol. πŸ˜‰

    Even though you’re not happy with the moon picture I think it is a pretty picture over the city! And oh mygoodness, that “peekaboo” photo is just adorable!! Love it!

    1. If one really wants a place to be personal, there’s always an option to set up a blog for that and adjust the settings … invite a few, trusted readers.

      I feel really good about blogging, because it keeps me away from sitting and gazing at all the fluff going around in Fb.

      It’s certainly fun to look back … I have from 1st of January 2011 here, and I have the Y360ΒΊ stored away in another blog. Multiply too, at least parts of it.

  6. I am entirely sure that little squirrel WAS smiling at you!!! Oh he is adorable! That is one of your best photos EVER!!!!
    Love your moon shot too. This is the Long Winter Moon as we call it in Ojibway culture….very beautiful.
    I too used to have my blog linked to FB Rebby but i decided to not do that & I just post the link now if I want to share the bog with others. Most of the time I send non bloggers the link via regular email…I think we have enough readership at this point….there are days I can’t keep up with comments!!!
    I have 360/Multiply entires on a disc. photos are gone tho. I took that site apart when they announced they were closing it.
    I hope we never go thru that again.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    1. Yeah, he’s cute! πŸ™‚
      One time, I tried and posted just the link [no excerpt], to FB, but then I had no reaction at all. So … I don’t care for that, it’s good as it is. I’m totally happy with my little circle of blogging friends.

      YES! I hope to too … that was awful, when they shut down Y360ΒΊ.

      1. I kind of prefer to keep WP & FB seperate. I can post the link to here if I want or just sned it via personal email. I was so upset when 360/Multiply decided to pull the plug…maybe that is when I realized how MUCH I LOVE to blog, lol…
        it all worked out & I LOVE this site so much more.
        I am still connected to many of the 360 people via FB & some are here like yourslef so it all worked out well Rebby….
        Sometimes change IS good!!! πŸ˜‰
        Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo
        P.S.: Nylablue sends her **purrs** to McDuff also.

        1. Me too … love the blog, this is my baby! I didn’t really see what FB pages meant, and I still don’t, but one thing is that it’s totally separate from my own timeline. I’ll keep it up there and see if I’ll get it … the usefulness of it. I was pleased to see that it has nothing to do with my regular FB-account. Easy to take down if I don’t like it too.

          I’m also connected to quite a few of those folks from Y360, mainly on Facebook. It’s curious though … people who blogged faithfully every day, just quit as soon as they got on Facebook?!

          1. You are right about many people from 360 went to FB & forgot about blogging…only you & Maggie from Mag’s Corner still blog. It is so odd. I found that blogging is a wonderful outlet…I can be creative & share Nylablue’s world from her perspective.
            I DO enjoy this alot!!
            FB is just a way of staying in touch with many face 2 face friends & some bloggers. I can do quick updates & thenn everyone knows about NB or myself or whatever is news…
            My heart belongs to WP tho’ πŸ˜‰
            Sherri-Ellen xo

              1. πŸ˜‰ Me too….I follow approx 34 blogs here & about 6 offsite & I have made some amazing friends from being here. Having you & Maggie here made the transition easier & I found a few other people here I knew…so I have a lovely circle of friends & readers….I can’t really handle too many more blogs tho’. It can take all day to read & comment to 40 some blogs πŸ˜‰ LOL

                1. I know … I’m very careful now, not to follow too many, because I’ve made that mistake, and almost gave up blogging because of it! It got to be too much, so I didn’t even want to log in! It’s really good as it is now.. πŸ™‚

  7. Moon photography is kind of an own type of photographing. I’ve found that the technique that works best for me is to use spot metering directly at the moon – that way you capture the details of the moon, but everything else gets underexposed.
    Perhaps a bracketed shot would have been good here if you want to capture the details of the city as well.

    1. Yes, and I have done so much better than this. I wasn’t fully awake, and it was really freezing. I don’t even know what ‘bracketed’ means πŸ™‚

            1. Oh yes … and I have installed Gimp! I really have to make an effort and familiarize myself with it, instead of just moping because I don’t have Photoshop LOL

  8. LOL Rebby I KNOW all about blog overload!! Problem is bloging as Nylablue I have gained a BIG following. Seems the blog has a life of its own. I have gotten connected with people from Canada, USA, France, UK, Australia. South Africa & Italy…even people from Asia follow us! I try to keep the number I follow at aroudn 40 or I go crazy trying to keep up!
    Such is the price of ‘fame’…..
    Sherri-Ellen xo

  9. Hey Rebby, for HDR I go into Settings>Photos and Camera… (Hopefully it should be the same for you: )
    Your little Red Squirrel may get darker closer to Spring(?) and mating season; )

    1. Deb,
      Yes, I have the same thing … assuming you mean on the iPhone. He was talking about the real thing, though … and on the real camera πŸ™‚

      That li’l darlin’ seems to have his winter coat on … so yes, they get ‘redder’ …

  10. First of all, your pictures are wonderful not least the full moon. It is important to draw a line between personal and private, it may be very delicate. I had to learn it in my profession- but I think I passed the border now and then (and its not good to anyone). I think you have to give something of yourself in communication with other people-or it will be very impersonal- as you write here about your blogs.

    1. Yes, it’s a fine line and I think I’ve always had the tendencies to be too open … in real life too. After ten years here, I’ve learnt something about that.

      1. Ok I am more to the other side LOL, a little too closed. It/I has/have changed with time.

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