39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

  1. Another great photo Rebekah! They are White-Tail Deer, right?
    I know that a lot of people would think it cruel if I said what popped into my head when I first saw this photo, so I’ll refrain.
    However, I count roughly two dozen animals here, and can’t help but wonder how much food they will require to not only stay alive, but healthy ’til Spring. One small bale of hay will last a horse for 5-6 days, so these guys here would need a minimum of 4 bales per day. I hope and pray that there are enough natural and man-made controls to bring this herd to a healthy size; without which they may cause massive damage to farmers’ crops and fields, else they starve to death or get hit on the road in their search for food…

    1. Thank you, Deb! Yes, White-Tail Deer. Couldn’t get all of them in the same frame. Where they were standing, cows normally graze. The farmer came around, and they took off.
      Yes, they are so numerous … they’re in the gardens here, all over the city, and get hurt in traffic. It’s a shame … such an elegant animal!

      1. Yes, they are elegant, incredibly beautiful, wonderfully light-footed animals and, please don’t be too shocked by this, absolutely delicious as well!

        1. Oh … it takes more than that to make me raise an eyebrow … I’ve had it once … long time ago. I’ve had bear too, but then I didn’t know until afterwards..

              1. Yes, sometimes ignorance is bliss; but then again, if you’d seen what a mess one bear can make of a bee yard, it tends to harden the heart…

          1. Just popped over & read her blog…great pic of the 2 of you…I left her a comment & told her I was a friend of yours (just so she knows).
            She did capture community well didn’t she?

            1. She posted about the conversation she’d had with the women in California, and it struck me that that’s just what the WP community is made up from..
              We had a very brief meeting at the airport in Halifax, two years ago … that was fun!

              1. Rebby I am glad you got to actually meet Joss….I wish I could meet you & many others that I have known from 360 dayz & the new people here. Indeed the WP community is special. Since I joined here a year ago August I have met so many wonderful like minded people here. In fact Nylablue & I have quite a following & friends all over….France, UK, Australia, USA.
                In fact NB’s “Guardian Angels” who are assisting with Vet bill’s are from West coast & I have spoken to them many times. The people here are like non other….I also speak with a woman in UK who has a bunny & she is an absolute delight…the other neat thing about this blog is we can interact with seperate blogs & Blogster blogs…I have met even more lovely people outside of here.
                360 was very insulated in comparison….
                WP is wonderful…in fact it is because of you mentioning it to me I joined here…thank you!!!
                Sherri-Ellen xo

                1. I’m glad too … it’s actually very rare that you get such a good contact with someone right away like that!
                  That’s wonderful, that you’ve met these people here in a relatively short amount of time! First time I signed up here, I believe was 2006 and back then, it was almost obscure … so new! 🙂 I’m glad you’re here — hope I’ll get to Owen Sound some time!

      1. I love when they bound away as opposed to running. It never ceases to amaze me the way they can “boing” over a fence without looking as though they’re even doing anything.

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