in the drugstore

Today, I went to buy some stamps for overseas use. The post office is in the drugstore, in the farthest back of it, so you have to walk through the whole store first.

Apotek 1, Frölunda TorgStill, after ten years, I can’t help myself from comparing to the Swedish pharmacies [apotek]. There, you can’t buy much else but pills. They’re very white and formal … feels almost like a sterile environment. They have loosened up a little bit, so they now carry shampoos, deodorants and a few other items … moisturizers … all of them strictly controlled by the Swedish answer to FDA.

That’s what makes it so much fun to roam around in North American drugstores! Make-up, perfume, sunglasses, greeting cards, milk, bananas, cat food … you name it! I even bought a telephone there once!

Our drugstore here is relatively small — I’ve been in other ones, both in the States and in Quebec City — but still they have all that stuff. It’s just a different «drugstore culture», I guess … but it’s nice! 🙂

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    1. Yes … I think Holland and Sweden are similar in several ways. Sometimes, when I look at pictures of ordinary residential areas, they could just as well be in Sweden 🙂

    1. Yeah, the people working there wear white clothes!

      I’ve seen pictures of the ones with ice cream! 🙂 Amazing [to me]! One I visited in Maine, sold booze also ..

  1. I LOVE the drugstore! I never realized how odd that must sound to anyone who doesn’t live in the States or somewhere that sells more than just drugs! I’ll have to qualify “drugstore” if I ever say that again. 🙂

    When I was growing up my friends and I used to walk to the drugstore just to smell the perfume and test out different lotions.

  2. It’s weird to step into a pharmacie here. They are about a/4 the size of the average convenience store at home with very little out on display although more than when I was here ten years ago. I tried to buy epsom salts at one recently and the pharmacist had no idea what I was talking about!

    1. When I came here, I didn’t know what it was! It doesn’t exist back home either, or at least not under that name … I don’t know … Shame, though … such a great thing! 🙂

      1. heh heh. yeah, we tried asking for Magnesium Sulfate and were met with a baffled look. It’s interesting to find out what products we just can pick up anywhere that aren’t available here for one reason or another. that’s why traveling is good for the soul. Makes you see the world differently and appreciate your own.

        1. But what do the French do about sore muscles though? Do they not have something similar, Bath “Bombs” perhaps?

          1. well you can order Epsom salts on line or, probably get it in a specialty store in Paris! And the French have become really big on medication so many take a pill for whatever ails them. aargh. The ads for medication here are as bad as on American TV

            1. Is that right, Joss?! About the ads! That’s terrible … I could hardly believe it, when I first got here! Back home, there are NO ads for prescription medications.

              1. Remember what I said earlier about the Rise of the Drug Store? Drug ads weren’t allowed here before that either):

            2. Too sad! For myself, I prefer to stick with the old tested and true remedies. Just a lot less complicated, non?

  3. Trust me when I say that it was not always so. A normal Pharmacy was – and a lot still are – not that different than the one in your photo. (As opposed to the Brand you mention with the “post office” in the back, that seem to be popping up everywhere around here like mushrooms in the Fall (or T. Horton’s; )

    1. I’ve only seen this type, with the post office, but I’ve only lived here and in QC. They had some huge ones there!

      In our little city, there are 19 (last time I counted) T. Horton’s!!! [3 Starbucks too, and then there’s the local Java Moose]

      1. Java Moose (LOVE the name: ) That would probably be the one I’d hang out at. Starbucks’ coffee is pretty good really, but overpriced and I’m just not into the counter culture there (hah! Counter Culture… Kinda punny? Just a bit, even?: ) but T. Horton’s leaves me cold:/

        1. There are FOUR Starbucks … forgot the new one in Target! Java Moose is kind of nice, I guess and they’re local … the coffee is roasted here. I’m a Starbucks person, though 🙂 Guess I support the counter culture *ROFL* T. Horton’s leaves me cold too … the coffee is cheap, but everything else is overpriced. That’s not really why, though … it’s just not my thing.

  4. The Danish Apoteker (pharmacies) are more like the Swedish ones, but you can buy sunglasses there.
    Adverts for prescription med. is not allowed here, no adverts on TV. BTW no adverts for cigarettes and other smokes at all, but thats another thing.

    1. LOL @ the sunglasses … don’t think I saw that in Sweden, but they have Treo in the gas stations! 🙂

      NO ads for smokes here — that would be highly frowned upon, but booze (!) … that’s alright on some channels. Geezz..

      At the end of each pharmaceautical commercial, they have to add the possible side-effects, and they read them extremely fast … they have to read ALL of them and quite often the list finishes off with «MAY cause death» LOL

  5. Glad you put “well read” in parenthesis… Do people actually think they know about these drugs from seeing an ad on TV? Do they ever listen to the grocery list of health (and possibly life-threatening side effects, rattled off in casual tone at warp speed?

    1. Yeah, like «may cause death» LOL
      People go online and read about their medical conditions, and I think, that a lot of people can’t make the distinction about what’s to be taken seriously … Just because a page is on the Internet, doesn’t mean that it’s true as we well know … Secondly, even if it’s a ‘good’ web site, it’s not for sure that they really get it … Or if you’re a hypochondriac you might end up with every damned disease in the book… every symptom fits 🙂

      1. My absolute favourite of Grandma’s “old tyme” expressions?
        “An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure.” and STILL just as true today as it was 100 years ago…

          1. Sure wish we could get the “Health Care” system to wrap their heads around that…

  6. Funny Rebby….I would prefer a drug store/pharmacy to be small & intimate. I find going into the Shopper’s Drug Mart just too much…..I like our Rexall store tho’. It is small & neat & has medical items. Teh only extras are the sweets & magazines…
    Oh goodness I am sounding like my Grnadmother, hahahaha!!
    Sherri-Ellen 😉

    1. We don’t have Rexall here. Shopper’s DrugMart, Lawton’s and a few others that I haven’t been to. Lawton’s … that reminds me — that one, downtown is huge, and they have all kinds of dish ware, home decorations .. you name it! All this is so different to me, so I think it’s fun to go there 🙂

      1. Rexall & Pharma Plus are the smae…it used to be Big V 20 years ago. They have always tried to remain on the small side… Lawton’s sounds like a mini department store, hahaha!! I would probably enjoy a wander around…just not sure I would want to have to go thru an entire big store to get my scripts tho’… know why they put the stamps in the back?
        So you wander thru the store and either remember you need milk or cat food or chips & buy stuff there as opposed to going to a grocery store….very clever marketing!

        1. Here, it seems as if many people do all their grocery shopping there! They walk out with their chariots loaded with potato chips, Coca-Cola and bathroom tissue.. even though the real grocery store is located almost next to it!

          1. Same here Rebby. I admit when I go to WalMart I buy an ecletic selection of items too…I always chuckle when I am putting the items on the conveyor belt: cat food, milk, scotch tape; shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste, candy; people food, socks, underwear, maybe a cute necklace or a magazine…or a toy for Nylablue..I remember when I used to go to different stores for different things….maybe these all-in-one stores are a bit of a blessing now that I think about it. If I had to do this now with my mobility problems I’d never be finished shopping 😉

            1. Yeah, I know! And now, that our Walmart has become a supercentre, it tends to be more food items than before. Yesterday, I started to talk with a woman while waiting in line at the check-out … turned out she was an artist and is going to paint one of my eagle photos!

                  1. Really?? I never realized your homeland was that different…here we are very friendly…sure there are some grumpy people who do not speak back but for the most part we can speak to strangers & share a joke or even ask if they think something suits us clothing wise…
                    I guess I figured everywhere is like this…I have alot to learn!

                    1. No, there you never talk to strangers or make eye contact … they’ll think you’re drunk and get scared LOL All joking aside … it’s true, and that’s partly why I love it so much here in SJ! Here, people are REALLY chatty and it just makes me feel good! It’s very easy to adapt to!

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