I got an email … or “how time flies”

Woke up reasonably early, poured my coffee and opened my email client. Crisp and sunny morning — we’ve even got a little dusting of snow.

A friend had sent me a link to a picture in Pinterest in an email. I know about Pinterest, and it being a very popular service … I’ve joined before, but never got into it. I clicked on the link she sent me, and thought ‘Ahh … what the heck, I’ll sign up, since everybody else seems to be there’.

All of a sudden the clock showed almost 9AM … I’d invested a whole hour in Pinterest 🙂 So now, all of a sudden I have a few «boards» there —> my Pinterest.

Not long ago, I read American Airlines have inflight wifi. If that becomes the new normal for all airlines, that would change the whole concept of travelling … at least for me. Nothing more  time consuming than the Internet.

30 Replies to “I got an email … or “how time flies””

  1. You’re right! Time flies faster than the airplane when we’re on the Internet! I’ll follow you on Pinterset. I see an email that you found me too. I’m at work now so can’t access it now 😊

  2. I just followed your food board. It should come to your email or look at your avatar in the top right hand corner, top, and it will have a drop down box that shows I followed your food board. I just follow the boards I am most interested in so I can go find people easier. If you follow everything you will see everything when you open. If you follow a lot of people it’s good to only follow the boards that you really really like.

    This is my link. http://www.pinterest.com/suznok/

  3. I’m on Pinterest, but I’m not very active. I was active in the beginning and people were spreading rumors that pinterest generated a lto of traffic to blogs, so I figured i’d try it out.
    Now I’ve been on there long enough to know that when it comes to blog statistics, Pinterest is just crap.
    But, when it comes to getting ideas for photography, graphic design, DIY projects etc: Pinterest is actually pretty cool. The problem is that, like a lot of other things, it’s time consuming and I really don’t have a lot of excess time to spend…

    1. I remember hearing about all the hoopla in the beginning!

      Blog traffic and all that, I know nothing about … I’m just so happy if I can keep my little circle of blogging buddies. Last night, I installed the app, lay on the couch, browsing Pinterest … and boy, did time ever fly! It’s so easy to get taken from one thing to another… I understand that you don’t have a lot of spare time nowadays 😉

  4. In-flight wifi? A great idea, and THE perfect time and place – you are SO right about how the time flys – for gathering ideas on Pinterest. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough time to make up any of my own; )

      1. Oh dear; silly me! Just realized I never tied into the (most obvious; ) pun here… Like about free wifi really making “time fly” on AmericanAirlines! (And yes AA, you can use it; but it’ll cost ya!; )

          1. This has been a most “giggly” day…
            I think I may have finally caught some Christmas Spirit; )
            Something about spending time with Loved Ones: sharing family memories while baking Tourtière and getting the Shortbread cookie dough chilled and ready for the oven:D

            1. That’s good for you … I’m still waiting. It sounds so lovely …
              Speaking of shortbread cookies; Costco only put them out for Christmas, and I find theirs to be the best. So, I’ve been looking forward to that since last Christmas. They put them out a few weeks ago, then they disappeared. When I asked them, I was told they’re not going to carry them any more. Boo hiss…

              1. Next time you’re there, make sure leave write it down for their Comment Box – near the Customer Service/Returns Desk…
                I’ve found that they are really good about changing their minds if someone asks: )

  5. No luck on the Quiche Lorraine? Well, that stinks!! Hm, maybe you need to get some other people to make some “noise” too; )

    1. Nope! Now they only have chicken pot pie … and oodles of it! They took away my cheesecake too, but that was a good thing, actually … for my health LOL

  6. LOL I have no ‘interest’ in Pinterest…I am so busy trying to keep up with 40 blogs plus doing Nylalbue’s & staying up to date on Facebook & regular email….oh & did I mention living?? HAHAHA…I am glad you are enjoying Pinterst tho’. It is good to have something that is occupying…say you want to become our typist?? The pay is in kibble & chicken treats but the praise is priceless…hahahaha!!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

    1. I think one tends to forget about it, unless you don’t interact there all the time. The blog is more important to me. I’ve typed for a living since I was sixteen! LOL

      1. Same here….the written word is more important to me….I would rather be blogging or reading blogs than looking at stuff on the Net…we are cut from the same cloth 😉

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