33 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand”

      1. We spotted one last year in Yellowstone, I managed to get a picture but unfortunately it was so small in the frame. I need to get a bigger lens.

  1. What an incredible opportunity you had. You certainly have a knack for taking animal photos…those deer “Kissing” out the window, the squirrel eating a berry of some sort, the duck beckoning you in to the water, the dog running on the sand with a paper in his mouth…just to name a few.

    1. Wow … you remembered them! 🙂 Thank you!!! Since I saw my first eagle, I’m always on the look-out now, when we’re out driving [I saw a bald eagle hovering over Walmart last week], and as this one was sitting in the tree, I saw him from quite aways…

      1. Those photos are unforgettable. I hardly remember written things, but certain images stick with me forever (which is why I don’t watch horror films)!😜

        1. I never, ever watch horror movies either. WHY, would I force myself to watch something that’s painful to me. To me, movies are for entertainment of some sort … not to suffer..

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