all under one roof

rainy A good day, though, to stay indoors and finish off my project of moving back to  Was originally going to wait until 1st of January, but since it was all done, I didn’t see the point in waiting for just another number in a calendar.

As I wrote in the About-page, ColderWeather was the blog I started out with in 2011, even though I never got that user-ID here in WordPress. Someone signed up for that name, and then took if down and WP never recycles blog names/URL:s. Never, EVER! That, they’ve clearly stated.

The idea of trying to keep up  two blogs, was silly, for a person who has a hard time coming up with anything to write most of the time 🙂 In spite of that, I’ve written here with more or less regularity, for almost three years … it’s a bit of Seinfeld over the whole thing.

26 thoughts on “all under one roof

  1. roughseasinthemed

    Didn’t I originally meet you on Colder Weather? Then you had the purringly one, and you had the travel one as well but I don’t think I met quack of dawn!

    I’ve been off line for a few months as we rescued a puppy in Spain. still trying to catch up with everyone, but nice to see a post from you.

      1. David Bennett

        Really didn’t feel the storm at all. Thanks for asking. I heard kids on the street outside our window squealing as they were blown along – nothing more. It was the storm that wasn’t.

        What about you?

        By the way, I am tempted to write my thoughts about the latest Homeland episode… 😉

        1. colderwhether

          Wow, I thought your city was hit pretty bad! It was in the news here last night! No storm, only rain here, and only snow is in the blog!

          I believe we’re one week ahead of you in Homeland, which I follow religiously 😀

          Do you get The Blacklist there?

  2. Crowing Crone Joss

    and here you are, all under one roof! I think about doing that sometimes too except my two blogs seem so different one from the other, I’m not sure how it would be received.

    1. colderwhether

      Yes, and it feels really good. As I realise I’ll never give up blogging entirely, I just had to do something to straighten things out. Having two, with no plan or theme … nah, that just didn’t work.

  3. Annakarin

    This is a perfect day for you to go back too colderweather. Today the snow and Cold weather come to Härnösand. Nice to have you back.

    1. colderwhether

      Thank you, Annakarin. Nice to be under one roof again. Today it’s been almost balmy and humid … yuck! Suppsedly, we’ll get a little bit of snow on Monday..

  4. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    We have had a little snow the last 2 days. Thursday a heavy storm arrived- trains stopped driving, airports closed, bridges closed. Yesterday it all started up slowly, the airport in Copenhagen only on 1/3 of its capacity, the Great Belt Bridge had been closed since Thursday at 2 p.m., opened at 6 a.m Friday but closed very soon because a big lorry tipped over and blocked the whole business. At 11.30 they opened again, but closed almost at the same time because the wind was too bad. This morning they said the traffic is normal again on the bridge. The ferries to Germany couldn sail today.
    Some cities in the northern part of Zeeland was owerflown by the sea, and people were evacuated until this morning. Many harbours are very heavy damaged.
    We lost a huge pine-tree, it fell across the road- no one hurt.
    All in all, very entertaining LOL

    1. colderwhether

      Yeah, that was really some storm. In Sweden, it was named Sven! Followed it online. A good friend was driving home from Gotland ..or rather, Nynäshamn, where the boat comes in, and she had a terrible drive. When she was just north of Gävle, the storm hit, and the E4 was all snowed over.. Took her twelve hours..

      Glad you didn’t have more damage! And yes, sometimes it can be very entertaining 😀

      1. Annette Ursin Holmboe

        We called the storm Bodil – because the storm in October was called Allan, and the next letter in the alphabet is a B – And the first had a male name, so now it had to be a female name- Jeeeez! LOL

        1. colderwhether

          All in the name of gender equality *ROFL* If it was Sven now, in Sweden, it must have been a female before … Jaysus! Can’t we all just be human beings?! 😀

  5. Cardinal Guzman

    It’s been cold here, but the snow hasn’t come yet. Vi dro til ditt fødeland i dag og kjøpte oss et ekte plastikk juletre på Clas Ohlson! 😀

    1. colderwhether

      We’ll get snow on Monday.

      Claes Ohlson är överallt nu för tiden! Förut var det bara en katalog. Vi har också plast-julgran, för här i huset är det inte tillåtet med riktig gran. Jag vet inte varför…

  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Hey Rebby, Glad I’m getting your new blog’s posts (but they’re still coming twice): (And Merry Christmas!: ) D.

    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined” ~ Thoreau Sent from the iPhone of Deb Weyrich-Cody


    1. colderwhether

      Hi, and Merry Christmas to you too!
      I’m baffled, especially as this is a brand new blog … not one that I’ve had and taken back into action. I have no explanation. Do you mean you get two emails?

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