on thin ice

In order to make this blog live up to its name … a few mallard photos from the other day. We’ve had a bit of a cold spell here and a skim of ice covered the little lakes in the park. The ducks were slipping and sliding, happily. I tried to shoot a video, but failed miserably 🙂

22 Replies to “on thin ice”

  1. Never get tired of them… Just so incredibly gorgeous (and cute too; )
    Great shots as always Rebby: )

    1. Thanks, Deb 🙂 …yes, and they’re always around! Fewer in the pond this year, though … perhaps the message about not feeding them has had some effect.

  2. Mallards are still my favourite duck and I so love your images of them. They were probably not impressed with this ice. Why does the city not want them fed? Too many of them?

    1. Mine too … they look so content as they’re paddling around … almost at peace. It’s not the city … it’s the nature people. When people feed them, they prevent them from migrating, which is the normal thing to do. Why fly all the way to Florida when you can stay here and eat stale bread?!
      So, they put up a big, very informative, sign by the pond. Many times I see people feeding them right beside the big sign 🙂

      1. oh okay. There is a flock on the pond in Truro that no longer migrate for that very reason. They do bring a lot of joy to a lot of people over the drab winter months so maybe it’s a fair trade-off?

        1. “Why?”, you asked; so I pose to you this question… How healthy would you be, if all you ate was stale, white bread and your environment, instead of being a thriving pond, with multiple layers of flora and fauna was pretty much nothing but a wading pool filled with your own excrement? Ask yourself, “Is this normal behaviour?” (If we weren’t, yet again, interfering in Nature’s Business…):
          Mallards are wild animals and legally protected under the federal Migratory Birds Act: http://www.ec.gc.ca/alef-ewe/default.asp?lang=En&n=3DF2F089-1

  3. The water in the pond tends to get rather yucky. In the Winter, all the ducks … from all of the park, go to the pond, where they get fed white bread [stale].

    In my hometown, in Sweden, they gather in one of the little channels. There, the city has given up on trying to stop people from feeding them, and instead put a big pump in the water, so that it won’t freeze. Saves the firefighters a lot of work…

    1. I can not stress enough how serious I am here – and this is the same advice I’d give regarding any living creature… If it’s not natural behaviour, it should be actively discouraged; as we are not “helping”, only weakening those yet to come.

      1. I think, in this case, as so many others, «money talks». If just ONE person were to be fined, and that would be in the newspaper, I think the feeding would see a decline. Here in NB you won’t get fined for feeding ducks, as it is in QC.

    1. I changed, yes …they all have their advantages … and disadvantages. This one is pretty easy to handle.

  4. Great pictures. Hope I dont offend anyone by saying: Obviously it isnt only Jesus who walks on the water lol ( It was too tempting, sorry)

    1. Teehee … I don’t think so, Annette. Then there are some cute little bug of sorts, that can really run on water. In Swedish we call them «skräddare», don’t know the scientific name for them. They are so light, so the surface tension holds them up..

    1. They are, indeed, Deb! 🙂 …and now I know what they’re called in English too! Wikipedia is great — found out that ‘Skräddare’, as I wrote to Annette, is the real, Swedish word for them. I wasn’t sure — thought that perhaps that was just something people said, because it looks like a sewing machine when they run!

      1. There are just SO many interesting water “bugs”. I could literally spend hours as a kid, watching all of the different life forms in the farm pond.
        So, now you know why I feel that “tame” Mallards are malnourished… After all, how healthy are we, when all we have to eat is “fast food”?)

        1. They are wild birds, and I never thought it was good for them. This thing about feeding ducks bread seems to be deeply rooted in people. I think it was a good thing that they got fined in Quebec … I never saw anyone feeding them there. They had signs put up everywhere.

  5. My DH’s family has been cottaging in The Gatineaus for over a century and I was always SO impressed with how fiercely les Québécois defend their environment. It is up to each and every one of us to do what we know is right. Who else do we expect to take care of those who have no “voice”?
    Who said “Evil grows because good men do nothing,”

    1. Albert Einstein…
      Yes, they’ve understood the part about money and have people trained, because they know the law will get enforced. Same thing with littering … didn’t see any litter there, whereas here, it’s unbelievable — Tim Hortons mugs everywhere..

      1. What is it about Tim Horton’s? It’s the same thing here in Ontario as well. Whatever happened to doing the right thing just because you KNOW it’s the right thing to do?? Everyone (well, 99.9%) knows the difference between right and wrong, don’t they?

        1. It’s an interesting question you bring up 🙂 I hardly ever see any other mugs, but Tim Horton’s. No McDonald’s, no Starbucks. What’s the deal with that?!

          Hopefully, you’re right about the 99,9%. That’s another, deep question LOL

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