Sat down to write a blog…

about how I’d fallen in love with an email application for the Mac. As I did that, immediately a bunch of error messages started popping up from the very same app I was going to write about! «Oh no!», I thought … «hope I didn’t jinx it!». After some investigation I found out it was [formerly Hotmail], and nothing wrong with the email client. Went to Is it Down for Everyone, and yes, was down so I went to Twitter to see what was being said there, and it was some attack or another. No word from Microsoft themselves, though?! Maybe they were too busy 🙂 It’s back up and running now.

airmailappMy original topic of this post was the Airmail. It’s only for Mac, for now. I love it, and can’t wait until they release it for the iOS also. It’s in the works.

Don’t think I’ve used an email client since Gmail started … only webmail. Somehow I came across this one, and decided to give it a whirl … because it looked good, or something.  Everything is so easy to set up and adjust to ones liking. It supports all the major services that supports IMAP, and I didn’t have to fill in anything else but my credentials! Also, thanks to my «Magic Mouse», I can swipe right and left, to delete or archive, just as I would if it was a touch screen. I have a clean inbox all the time, and that’s the way I like it.

I tried using the native Apple mail for a while, but never felt really comfortable with it. If you want to fall in love with email all over again, I suggest this app for $1,99. [boy, I could be the sales woman for this company 🙂 ]

10 thoughts on “Sat down to write a blog…

  1. Isn’t it great when you find something that really works well!
    Don’t know the ins and outs of Outlook taking over Hotmail but I know this, I dumped Outlook long ago and now that they’ve taken over Hotmail – which I use (d) for secondary emails, it rarely works.

    1. Yes, works well … beautiful interface .. affordable!

      I think it was dumb on their part to rename Hotmail with Outlook. There’s the Outlook on the computer and before we had Outlook Express. They should have chosen a different name or kept the Apart from that, I rather like this new Outlook, it has worked great for me. Don’t know what happened with them last night …it wasn’t just Outlook, it was all of MSN.

    1. In hindsight, I should re-phrase that … I wasn’t unhappy with it at all. Was merely unaccustomed to it, and perhaps also my not liking the native iOS mail affected the whole thing, so I just didn’t bother much about it. It’s a nice and stable email client.

      I just fell for this Airmail, head over heels. The ease of setting up accounts, and how I have full control over them at all times, the quick reply … lots of things..

  2. I think I know what happened now. I simply clicked on the G+ icon, which I normally do elsewhere, and it will post it automatically, whereas here you also have to click Post comment, a bummer. Well, at least you learn, so you can adjust. Cheers!

    1. Oh, that was good you found out, Arne! I was just in, looking in my comments folder to make sure it didn’t go to spam by mistake or so…

    2. I think I understand what you meant about the G+ icon. That might happen if I’d connected my Google account to this … which I haven’t [obviously].

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