no great success

Trying to move a blog from to their self-hosted version isn’t easy. Well … to move the actual blog is easy, but getting your «followers» to move over isn’t. While I ponder whether to stick it out or reconsider I’m writing this post here now to see if this blog still has any life left in it. In January of 2011 I signed up for the «post a day» challenge, and


I’ve been with WordPress ever since. Now 2013 is almost drawing to a close and when it does, I’ll think this whole blogging thing through … thoroughly.

22 thoughts on “no great success

  1. purpleborough

    Rebecca, I think you missed my blog where I wrote why I stopped writing.
    The gist was i wanted to separate the wheat from the chaff….the true followers from the “like” people. I started back and maybe 10 people read my blog again and then you came back making one more. I still do not want folk who do nothing but like. I want folk who read what I write, when I do write. Sometimes, I expect no comments, but sometimes a comment or feedback is what I am looking for from the readers or the folk, like you, that I call my friends. Your “true” followers will find you. The ones who care; the ones who actually read. There is a caveat here….you take beautiful photos so sometimes all one can do is to “like” them or say “beautiful” but sometimes “like” lets you know they looked. Yet, I think it is all in what you are looking for Quantity or Quality.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. purringly

      …and those are such GOOD thoughts, Linda! So true … I have 200+ followers here in this blog, but there are only a few, true blogger friends I hear from. On the other hand … if all the 200+ would start to comment, I’d probably go nuts, trying to reply to everyone LOL
      Like you, I also enjoy comments, where it turns into a ‘conversation’, but then I’ll have to come up with something to write about that would invoke that type of discussion too 😉 It ain’t easy …

      1. Cardinal Guzman

        I have 400 something followers. I’m always trying to leave a comment in those who comment in my blog, so I’m very glad that most of them are just passive stalkers 😀

        I’ve removed the “like”-button, because it was just too much hopping back and forth, liking here & there (“Yes, you’ve liked something I wrote/made, now I’ve liked something in your blog”).
        Besides, I noticed that sometimes, when I’d written a long article, people had clicked like already seconds after it was published – and there’s no chance in metaphysical non-existent imaginary place that they actually read what I wrote.

        People can still click like through the WordPress reader, but I ignore it.

        1. purringly

          He he! Yeah, you wouldn’t have time to go to your daytime job 🙂
          At one point, I removed the Like-button too, but then I got so many questions about where it was so I put it back. I don’t care … I get likes; fine! I don’t do anything about them at all. I was more annoyed by, when I had it post to Facebook. I got oodles of comments there IN Fb, but they had not read the post …just the excerpt. Sometimes they did read the post, but went back to FB to comment, so I took that away…

  2. Robert S Johnson

    To blog or not to blog: that is the question
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind
    To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous platforms
    Or to reboot against a sea of disinterest
    and by stopping end them? To not write; to play…

    That’s all I’ve got.

    I know the feelings you describe (at least to some extent). When it is done, it is done? I know we both know bloggers who decided to take a hiatus and never returned as well as bloggers who came roaring back and those in the middle.

    The 60’s slogan: “If it feels good, do it” keeps popping into my head.

    1. purringly

      Yes! The eternal question! I guess it’s just too rewarding to give up. There are days when I’d just would like to crawl back underneath some rock…

  3. Janine

    When I first started blogging in January things were really quiet but I kept with it because I enjoyed it. Then I really really really!! Started enjoying it when you and I began commenting back and forth. So I completely understand what people mean when they say they want comments instead of only likes. But if you enjoy blogging, does it really matter? Blogging is great if you have that urge to put your thoughts “out there”. When people “like” it, that’s confirmation that people, whoever they are, are seeing it. For me I feel validated just by a “like.”

    1. purringly

      Yes, I still remember the first time I got a comment on some blog, and that was probably 2006! I thought it was cool beyond words … that someone actually had read my stuff and took time out to comment on it. I think that was probably a little like «the first kick» for a drug addict 🙂  It has its ups and downs for everyone, I guess. I do appreciate the Likes, but it’s fun when they say something too. 

    1. purringly

      No, it’s not WordPress … this is what I wrote about in the previous post here; I tried to move to self-hosted wordpress [not just the domain upgrade]. It’s a little difficult, not to say impossible, to bring the followers over. I might as well go back to this, regular wordpress.

  4. Annakarin

    I will follow you wherever you go with your blog but I enjoy follow your thoughts. It’s nice to connect even thou you moved to your hubby in Canada.

  5. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    So, what would you think if I mentioned that old one about “Quality being more important than Quantity”? LOL!!
    And I am lovin’ Robert’s riff on Hamlet too; )

        1. purringly

          Hi and thanks. Just read it! It was good — a bit like that Seinfeld episode when George decided to do the opposite. I see many great quote in the run of a day. Some are so good so I copy them down, but that’s rare that they make it to my list of quotes. I often think, ‘that’s a really good quote’, and scroll along. This woman, Diana, had apparently stopped scrolling and taken it to heart. That’s a good thing, because many of us tend to doubt our own capabilities. Down deep; I actually don’t [doubt]. What I need is merely ideas/topics, to keep it going …

          1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

            I honestly think that self-doubt and confidence are part of the Yin and Yang of life – to be healthy we all need some of both – but nether too much or too little of either…

            1. purringly

              Yes, and in Swedish, we even have a special word for that concept «not too much, not too little» … “lagom”. That’s so true … it’s good to have confidence in oneself, but also to know ones limitations 🙂

  6. Nylabluesmum

    Hi Rebby: As long as you don’t stop blogging entirely I will be happy!! I enjoy your blogs & the photos always impress me so much….do you realize we have known each other 8 years now??? Starting back in 2005 on Yahoo 360; we’ve come a long way my friend!!!! 🙂
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    1. quackofdawn

      Hey … I don’t think I can [stop], even if I wanted. Now I have these two, and and I’ve settled for that. Especially as I found out I could bring the followers over — that was a great revelation!
      mcduff and me

      1. Nylabluesmum

        LOL I enjoy blogging & it has become a part of daily life. i would be lost without it & all my friends all over the world. The Internet & bloggin communties have broguth so many of us together…I have friends on every continent….very cool!!!
        I am glad you figured out how to ‘bring us over’….:) (Like we would ever lose you; not!)
        Kiss McDuff for Nylablue
        Sherri-Ellen xo


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