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For months, we’ve had a problem here at home. Every morning, about the same time, we’ve lost the wifi. At first, I rebooted the modem each time, but after a while I guess I got fed up with that, and noticed that all it took was a restart of the computer. All devices go down … my Mac, the iPhone, the iPad, my hubby’s tablet … Intriguing, because the internet connection is still available, and why at the same time every day?!

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris nef nouvelles cloches

Finally I called Bell — our friendly Internet provider. They couldn’t figure it out either so they sent us a new modem. Yesterday I went and picked it up at the post office. Somehow, I had a bad feeling about this from the get go, and that turned out to be well founded. When I got it out of the box, I could hear something was loose inside it … it sounded like sand when I shook it a little. Tried anyways, to hook it up. It didn’t work. Tried many times, but eventually I had to call Bell. Was on the phone with them for at least forty-five minutes, but couldn’t get the Internet going. The TV was up and the landline but not the web. To make a long story a little shorter, they will send us a technician today … sometimes between 9 and 12:30 they will show up.

Hence, we would have had a «web free» Friday night … but thanks to the iPhone we didn’t.  Used it as a hotspot when I felt I needed access, which made the whole ordeal a little less traumatic :D.  Of course all this led to some pondering over how «Internet dependant» we are. Had I been given a choice there [hypothetically] between the TV and the Internet, I’d chosen the web, for sure.

There’s a lot of talk about addictions these days … people are addicted to the Internet, to sugar, even to food [aren’t we all?!]. As early as 1997, I was told; «watch out so you don’t get internet addicted!». Personally, I find that addiction is something that you know will cause you harm/bad consequences, but you keep on doing it anyway. So far, the Internet hasn’t caused me any harm — quite the contrary.

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  1. Yes, absolutely – if there is no measurable harm, there is no way to classify something as an addiction. As you rightly say, food is necessary – and eating it is not an addiction.. Abusing food to the point that it makes the body unhealthy – then the harm is measurable.

    1. Yes, it’s the abuse vs. addiction. Without food and water we die. So when I see people stating they are ‘food addicts’, it just seems so … superfluous.

    1. Thank you! I do too. Was never a huge fan of those sliding header images, but decided to try it, just this once..

  2. Hate to say it but… With your service going down with such regularity (every day, at the exact same time, really?!) I would doubt very much that it’s your equipment that’s the trouble; more likely to be a systemic problem with your server.

    1. P.S. Definition of Addiction: Something that you MUST have, eat, drink… and cannot do without.

        1. “Abusing” something is “NOT using in moderation” – the same as “abnormal” means “not normal”

    2. The Bell person I had one the phone last night, said that sending out a new modem was wrong in the first place — they should have sent a technician right away. He’s here now. More problems. Still haven’t figured out that about the same time every morning.

  3. Wonder if someone else crosses you line out there in cyber? We had problems with the connection, it always started about 16:30 and lasted from 1 hour to sometimes the rest of the evening. We got another provider and now it works.
    I found out that I am not addicted of internet access – I had troubles with upgrading from Win 8 to Win 8.1 ( I had almost finished the installation and the electricity went ! so not only did I loose the new one, but the old one wasnt there. I had a couple of days with reinstalling 8 and then 8.1 ( is free if you have bought 8), I used my tablet but very little, read in a book and listened to some music. And I am still alive LOL

    1. That’s interesting, Annette … same type of problem as here. Wouldn’t like to change provider. All is up and running now, but the cause of it is still unknown. We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning.

      I’m not addicted to it than to anything else. I find it annoying when I don’t have it, but that’s all. To have all that information readily available at your fingertips, surely is habit forming LOL.

      Being addicted to nicotine, as I am …. now, that’s a whole different story. Physical addiction, as well as psychological … I wouldn’t start to climb the walls just because I don’t have internet 🙂

      1. Ya smoking is totally different, I stopped in 1991 – it was gradually over very long time – I had tried before and smoked pipe, cigarillos and by god! Gauloise’s- and some that tasted and smelled like camel poo ( they were called Camel LOL). I think one thing that helped a lot was that I stopped drinking coffee, – I had severe abstinenses for a week ( the coffee), its not recommended if you dont REALLY want to stop with coffee.LOL

        1. He he … I’ve smoked them all, Gauloise, Camel …you name it. I actually like Gauloise and had Gerry to buy me a carton when he was in France. I don’t yet have the right desire [that I have to have in order to] quit smoking. I know it — it must come from inside. I quit drinking, and even if that was on a totally different level than smoking, I know that the decision must be well founded within. I can reason all I want with my mind, and of course I know that smoking is bad … but still it has to be settled with both ‘heart and mind’ 🙂

          I gave up coffee for four weeks, but I switched to tea. Gave up coffee gradually and finally I was coffee free. Only reason; I think tea tastes better. The downside was that I had some issues with tea [that I don’t want to go into here LOL], so I’m back to coffee. Nowadays, I only drink two cups a day, so it’s really no big deal..

          1. You are right, it has to come from inside if you want to stop smoking ( I suddenly became very aware about the risks and that was enough).
            I am a tea drinker today and enjoy it, I dont know why I drank all that coffee ( most common where I worked) – I drank tea as child so it was as comming home ( to mom LOL)- no my tummy dont like coffee.

  4. DO be sure to mention that to the tech (about the cyclic nature of the outage, I mean) okay?

    1. Oh, I did. He didn’t get it either. I asked him repeatedly, as he kept replacing the modem and the TV-box. We shall see tomorrow.

  5. Can you tell me, did this start before or after you were hacked? Perhaps someone has highjacked your service??

  6. Hm, (so much for that idea): Back to the provider’s tech then, eh? Maybe they’ve been hacked?

    1. I’ve given this a lot of thought during these last, few months. The actual modem doesn’t go down — but all of our devices here lose the wifi. At the same time. I was thinking, for a while, that perhaps it was something about the way they’re connected in here … our printer is a web printer, we have one, external hard drive, that is connected to the pc. I was able to connect to that one, from my Mac, but removed that possibility to see if things got better. They didn’t. It will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow morning. When it started, it was always between 8AM and 9AM, but has gradually gotten later and later so now it’s between 11 and 12 o’clock. Today, the guy was here precisely that time, so I don’t know if it would have happened or not.

    1. Ha ha! Doesn’t that go on in many places … I’ve realized now it’s a problem related to the Mac … and poor Bell spent all that time with it! Not sure how to solve it, though..

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