The Festival of Leaves

The festival of leaves is over here … at least in the way we think of Autumn, with trees dressed up in red and gold. They all blew away during last week’s storm. If I’d awakened

earlier this morning, though, I would have gotten nice frosty leaves! We had our first, major frost overnight. For this post, I’ve chosen a selection of Fall 2013 leaves.

14 Replies to “The Festival of Leaves”

  1. Its so beautiful. We had a beautiful autumn too, and then the storm came, I think the worst I have ever experienced. We have a thatched roof, and some of the top (mønningen) is gone, but it is covered by the insurance. Still many trees laying on places where they shouldnt- its impossible to get around in the forest until they have removed them. The trains and buses had to stop driving and all our bridges were closed. It was awful.

    1. Hej Annette,
      Yeah, I read about that storm! You guys there, must have gotten it bad! Can they fix up a thatched roof so that it looks the same afterwards?

  2. Yes it isnt a problem, and it isnt very bad, it would have been worse if the whole roof were lifted- it looked very bad when the storm was on its highest. The worst was the noice. Here in the room where I have my PC it was scary because the wind hit the one of the walls in the room and the shutters made noise too, so I went out to hide in the kitchen where the wind didnt hit. My little dog was shaking.

    1. That’s good … they look lovely, those roofs! Poor little dog … hard for them, as they don’t understand!

  3. SO gorgeous; thanks for sharing!
    It always makes me a little melancholy when the leaves drop, their glory blown away.
    Ah well, here’s hoping for a nice, normal Winter.

    1. Thanks Deb! 🙂 Yep, it’s so short … and I love the Fall so much! Today; had it only been a few degrees less, I’m sure we would have seen the snow fly. You could really FEEL it in the air!

    1. Hello Verena,
      Thank you! 🙂 I came across the badge for this challenge somewhere and decided to check it out … I really like that kind of blogging events.

  4. Love the leaves…we also had a storm which took a lot of our leaves, however, I am going to try to get some decent photos this year.
    Thank you for posting such lovely photos.

    1. Thank you, Linda! For several years, we’ve been meaning to go down to Maine or Vermont for the leaves-changing-color season, but somehow it hasn’t happened yet. It’s even more intense there, or so they tell me. More sugar maple perhaps — they are the ones that give the intense red, I’ve heard.

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