So … the other night I got a message from Google that I’m eligible for a custom URL in Google Plus. Fine! I’ve been intrigued by that … why they didn’t have that from the get-go.

I headed over there right away, to claim my «custom URL», but what do you know?! They had already decided for me what my URL should be. Both suggestions were long mix-ups of my real name and my nickname [quackofdawn]. This peed me off to no end, but there was this option to ‘apply’ for something else.


I do not want my real name all over the web … I wanted quackofdawn, so I have applied for that. It’s still under review. If I don’t get it I will leave Google altogether. Imagine how sad and upset they will be when I do that!!! 😀

Somehow I’ve also ended up with a Google+ PAGE there also. I don’t know what the deal is with that — not enough proficient in G+ yet. I don’t remember creating it myself.


14 thoughts on “g+

    1. They said something about the number of followers made me eligible for a personalized URL. Weird, because I have thirty and you have over a thousand?!

      We’ll see how it goes for quackofdawn 😀

    2. 24 days later, and quackofdawn is still ‘under review’. I got a page [I don’t know what the difference is]. There I also go the chance to choose a URL. Quackofdawn was there, as an option, but I had to add some characters to get it. I added an S.

  1. LOL, you’re funny with your leaving google. I don’t know about the URL. I think that is new but everyone has a G+. I took all but one entry off about google not protecting your privacy. I have a Blogger but that’s it. Am I understanding you correctly?

    1. Yeah, like they’d care LOL … but perhaps I’d respect myself a little better. When you sign up for a Gmail account now, you get Google+ automatically. You have to manually go in to your settings to disable it, but it IS easily doable.

      Privacy on the Internet … I think it’s like an oxymoron 🙂

  2. I received the same email and have not done anything….I think Google has enough of my information. They have given it all away to the government. I guess I could accept and write about this til I’m blue in the face and it would not make any difference. I have pretty much gotten off everything except WordPress and I am real close to downloading and getting my stuff off.

    1. You’re right Linda … it doesn’t really matter what we do, and that’s a sad feeling. When I got that email, I thought ‘well, that was about time!’, because I’ve been intrigued all the the time, whey they didn’t let people choose a URL, instead of all that stupid numbers. We’ll see if I get quackofdawn … you should have purpleborough 🙂

  3. For your sake, I sure hope that it’s “Logic”, and not “Laziness” on how they decide…

    1. I think they have some kind of ‘hang-up’, where they’re trying to force people to use their own names … that wakes up the rebel in me. I’ve never used my own name on the web..

  4. I have got enough of Google. I have a new e-mail and will gradually walk away from gmail. I think we all have to learn how to protect our privacy on the net (much better than anytime before). Fortunately there are many possibilities.
    I have upgraded to Win 8.1 and wanted to open my windows live mail – but had to say yes to so many things that I gave up. Its awful.

    1. My only concern [with regards to leaving Google] would be the pictures I have. They are so many.

      I have one email with this domain and one with the other [http://purringly.me]. I use the latter. Don’t know how much more secure it is … I just like it 🙂

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