When I got the Mac computer, a little over a month ago, I decided to give the Safari browser a serious try.

Thought I’d miss the extensions I had in my Google Chrome browser, but came to realize that I didn’t use them all that much. I had a little ‘eye-dropper’ … a colour tool, but with the Mac I didn’t need that anymore.

All is working well … I’m still using Safari. All the times before, that I’ve tried a different browser, I’ve ended up going back to Chrome almost immediately. The only thing that irks me about it is a visual thing: Why, oh why can’t they adopt the concept of using icons [favicons] in the bookmarks bar?! At least to me, that makes for a much more pleasant and easy experience. The interface in the browser is so dark and grey so … icons would have made it a lot better for easy-to-find bookmarks … and isn’t it just that the bookmarks bar is for?!

With the Maverick update, a few weeks ago, came also an updated version of Safari. I thought, surely they have fixed that now, but NO!

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  1. I have links to various coding admin panels, a few websites, the Pinboard bookmarklet, and a few ‘regular’ sites and I don’t find the lack of icons a problem.

    I just tweak the wording to something short that I will recognise in an instant and that gives me more room along the bar so I can fit more links there.

    However, having said that, I think your idea of being able to have icons for sites like Yahoo, Google, eBay, etc is a very good idea because it saves horizontal space along the bar.

    Why no suggest it to Apple?

    1. I hear you, about those coding admin panels. I have only two bookmarked that don’t have favicons. Those icons are so well set in our minds now … the two dots for Flickr, the white F for Facebook, the bird for Twitter and so on … The one for iCloud I changed myself to  with the special characters. The fact that everything is grey makes it more difficult … for me. Not a big problem though.

      At first, I thought I was missing something, so I searched the forums in Apple. Turns out oodles of people were asking for the same thing as I.

  2. I used Safari to access my router, but now I’ve changed the router settings so I don’t need Safari anymore. At home I use Opera and Firefox for my surfing, at work I use Chrome.

    1. I like Opera because it’s Norwegian 🙂 Used to have them all installed so I could go back and forth … to see how a page came out in a different browser. On this now, I only have Chrome and Safari.

      Speaking of router … every morning at the same time, I have to reboot the computer, the iPhone, the iPad and my hubby’s tablet. A restart is enough — don’t have to reboot the modem. It’s been going on for weeks now — can’t figure out what the deal is — it’s getting to be annoying.

  3. I usually have different browsers like : Firefox’ Internet expl., Opera ( like it very much), Safari and my darling Tor Browser – yes Chrome too. I use Tor Browser for safe computing.

    1. Hej Annette,
      Chrome has been my sole browser since the day it was released, but now I’m beginning to feel real comfortable with Safari. They have a button called ‘Reader’, and when you click on it, it brings up the text in black and white … very large font, and clear. It’s awesome when you come across those black pages with grey font.

      Anyway, I looked into Tor a while back, but decided against it as I didn’t feel that I needed it. Maybe I do, without even realizing it. I really like your email addy. It’s so cool, but with a name like mine it wouldn’t work … and even if I wanted it, it’s long time taken already.

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