using instagram and more

Before I got the iPhone, I wanted Instagram … I wanted it badly, because «everybody else» seemed to have it, except me! What a child I am … at this ripe, old age! Guess I just didn’t like the idea of being excluded. Eventually, I got an iPhone and subsequently signed up for Instagram, but by then, Facebook had bought it, it was free for anyone with any smartphone to use … all of a sudden it didn’t feel all that interesting! Must have been some psychological thing. I still have a hard time remembering to use it. It would probably have been different, had I been in there from the beginning … built a circle of contacts and all that.

Occasionally, I read those prompts that WordPress posts … when you’re at loss for something to blog about. The other day the prompt was: «_____ is the new _____». As soon as I saw it, a thought came to mind: «Unfriend is the new FU [eff you]». You have to be a Facebook user to get that one I guess, and I never posted it.

I’m so curious to see, in, say five years time … if we’ll look back in amazement and say ‘Remember when all the people used Facebook?!’ Right now it shows no signs of slowing down, even though I read that many teens are leaving the site because their parents and grandparents are there.

8 Replies to “using instagram and more”

    1. I would leave too, if it wasn’t for the group for my hometown. Having a lot of fun with that, but that’s all … I was never a huge fan of FB, so I’d leave today!!!

    1. Yeah, we’ve seen quite a few come and go over the years … MySpace comes to mind. Still, none of them have been as huge as Facebook…

  1. I am seriously thinking about leaving FB- but its the way I stay in contact with people from other countries- and the way I contact politicians , the EU parliament and other institutions there. I have contact with different NGO’s too.

    1. I’ve been wanting to leave for a long time. But then again … like most other people … I like the fact that I’m in contact with a bunch of people. I know, if I do leave, I will lose contact with many of them. Email is so different. So I stay, but I almost dislike myself for it..

        1. Yeah, I guess *sigh* …but that doesn’t mean that I approve LOL

          Watch out for that storm! It looked malicious!

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