Here, in there are so many themes to choose from so it could even get overwhelming … especially if you’ve blogged in, where the selection used to be rather limited.

When I first started out with self-hosted, I quite often found myself drawn to the themes that had the prettiest pictures 😀 ! Not so anymore, I’m settled with Suffusion — it’s so versatile I can do pretty much whatever I want with it … and more importantly; I can do it easily! Every now and then I check what’s out there, but never find anything  that measures up [except possibly Frontier].

All that said, today I once again found myself very much drawn to a theme because of the pictures! LOL … I thought I was over that! On top of it all, it’s a premium theme in WordPress.COM and I can’t get it here. You can have a look at it here. Finally they’ve set a reasonable price for a premium theme .. it’s $20. All the other premium themes are around $70,  which I, personally, find a little over the edge. Perhaps they’ve come to that realization themselves.

2 Replies to “themes”

    1. Indeed!

      This new one, was made by themselves so it can’t be found anywhere else. That’s so typical, now that I don’t have a blog anymore …

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