Here, in there are so many themes to choose from so it could even get overwhelming … especially if you’ve blogged in, where the selection used to be rather limited.

When I first started out with self-hosted, I quite often found myself drawn to the themes that had the prettiest pictures 😀 ! Not so anymore, I’m settled with Suffusion — it’s so versatile I can do pretty much whatever I want with it … and more importantly; I can do it easily! Every now and then I check what’s out there, but never find anything  that measures up [except possibly Frontier].

All that said, today I once again found myself very much drawn to a theme because of the pictures! LOL … I thought I was over that! On top of it all, it’s a premium theme in WordPress.COM and I can’t get it here. You can have a look at it here. Finally they’ve set a reasonable price for a premium theme .. it’s $20. All the other premium themes are around $70,  which I, personally, find a little over the edge. Perhaps they’ve come to that realization themselves.

2 thoughts on “themes

  1. David Bennett

    It’s a funny old world, isn’t it. Some themes are $70.00 whereas some theme outlets give access to all their themes for less than that.

    1. quackofdawn


      This new one, was made by themselves so it can’t be found anywhere else. That’s so typical, now that I don’t have a blog anymore …


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