winter duck

At the end of January 2012, a beautiful, but odd, duck, arrived in the duck pond here. She really stood out, amongst the green headed, regular mallards … especially in the low midwinter sunlight. Of course, I took oodles of photos of her, she stayed a few days and then moved on. [I liked to think of it as a she … I have no idea what gender it was!]

I asked around in a Flickr group, that is usually very knowledgeable, I even sent in her picture to the newspaper, where they have the naturalist page on Saturdays … nobody seemed to know.

Yesterday, after a ‘conversation’ on a different subject, with Deb in the comments section here, I remembered a web site I’d browsed through, years ago, about «manky mallards», searched and was able to find it again. What I was really was looking for, was a picture that really stood out in my memory … a mix between a mallard duck and a northern pintail, one of the most beautiful and elegant ducks I’ve seen. Please, follow the links … there’s some beautiful, but odd stuff in there! Unless you suffer from anatidaephobia, that is 😀

Now, in all my browsing last night, for ‘manky mallards’ and hybrid ducks … what do I see if not my little «winter duck»! According to this web site, it’s a Saxony Duck. Their picture is almost identical to the ones I took, but when I googled Saxonian Duck, there seem to be a lot of varieties. Could perhaps be a hybrid between this Saxony and some other, smaller duck. In any event, she was gorgeous!

Here’s a selection of all the photos I took in our duck pond in Rockwood Park, Saint John, N.B. Please, click on a picture to bring up the gallery.

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    1. I think it’s a hybrid … the bill is more the size of a wigeon’s or any smaller waterfowl. In any case … she looks like a very warm and gentle duck 🙂

    1. Hey Joss … good to see you, from across the ocean 😉 Yeah, I’m really happy to have all those photos of her. The ones you shot, in that pond, were totally awesome!

  1. Although I find most of these cross-bred aberrations incredibly ugly (apparently I’m a bit of a Mallard Snob) the leucistic hen bird on the “Manky Mallards” link is TOTALLY gorgeous (and the one you were referring to, I think?) But, judging from the deep khaki green colour of her bill, I’m thinking that she may be an (American) Black Duck cross, not a Mallard (but a beautiful girl, nonetheless: )

    1. Sorry, I got so distracted looking at all of the links that I didn’t carry on to the end of your post… She, “your” bird that is, is really very tiny, when compared to the Mallards, isn’t she?

      1. She’s very tiny, and that’s what made me think it could be a hybrid …. Saxony + something else..

    2. Yeah, most of them looked terrible!!! It was just the mallard x pintail that I fell for 🙂

  2. Its beautiful, and better camouflaged in the snow than the others. Very good pictures.

  3. When I was in Bohuslän last summer I noticed the ducks there were quite different, and much smaller than those in Canada. Did you see them in the video I made about my trip to Norway from Strömstad? They were seen there. I also saw several swans in the sea elsewhere, which will show up in my future slideshows from my trip. I had previously never seen swans in the wild before.

    1. Hej Arne! Va’ kul att se Dig! 🙂
      I’ll check it out in a while. When I was in Sweden 2011, I saw ducks I’d never seen before … they were mainly black and white, or silver. I understand that they’re referred to as “Swedish Duck” (!) and I had no idea they exsisted. Saw them in Malmö. I’ve seen swans in the wild many times there.

    1. Could very well be. That is something I’ve forced myself to quit looking for. In the beginning, I did that often, until I came to some kind of realisation that Photoshop/image manipulation will never go away. It sure has changed the way we look at photos, even though they could be manipulated in old times too.

  4. Yeah, but it just seems so silly to need attention that badly, doesn’t it? But actually, now that I read that back again, it’s really more sad, than silly, pitiful even; I guess it’s just the dishonesty of it…

    1. Typing phone comment here, just to see if it feels any different. These sites are on different servers

      1. So, did It? Feel any different for you to type here, I mean? ‘Cause, to me, it’s doing the same thing on both sites – there’s this weird time-lag between when you touch the keyboard and actually seeing what you’ve written. (I’ve had the same effect when attempting to reply on Blogger sites):

  5. No, it didn’t feel any different and no, I don’t get the lag … that’s very weird! And I DID comment from the browser … not the WP app.

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