Top level domain is the part of an Internet address/URL after the dot in, for example, dot com .COM. In my case here, quackofdawn.com, the com is the TLD.

We’re used to seeing .NET, .ORG and countries TLDs but not too many more.

A whole slew of new TLDs will be released some time [soon?] … not just a few, but hundreds of them.

I was reading an article about this, and by chance I noticed that one of all those TLDs was .DUCK! I thought I might like that … if for nothing else, it would have been …. unusual, but it turns out that whole domain was applied for by a corporation [S C Johnson, manufacturers of hosehold products]. So … no .duck for me.


17 Replies to “.TLD”

  1. Hmm, S.C. Johnson Co. – the “Family Company”…
    Are they the ones who make the “Toilet Duck” I wonder,?

      1. Personally, I’d MUCH rather you have it than them Rebby… The things that people don’t waste their money on, hey? (Not to mention seriously polluting all of that precious water):

        1. Right! And I really like ducks … I’d rather seen it associated with the Dawn product — at least they do something good for them.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I shot quite a few today (!) that had the curly tail… Now that we’ve talked about it, I keep looking at them more than before LOL

  2. Oh, the poor hens….
    Just so many more randy boys for next year’s competition! But, that makes me wonder… Just what is the ratio of male population vs female down there?

    1. For the moment, it seems to be pretty even. My first two years here, there seemed to be way too many males. There’s also the American Black Duck, but the great horny Mallard isn’t picky … I doubt the wigeon hens are safe LOL

  3. LOL, when I was a kid, I remember my Dad saying that they weren’t sure, with all the inter-breeding, for how long they’d actually remain two distinct species; but that was (decades) ago and the A. Black Duck still paddles on: )

    1. Yes, it sure does … I shot this today, but when I look very closely at its head, I can see GREEN 🙂

  4. Thinking about- in old times ( maybe 100-150 years ago ) many families in DK had a surname like: Hansen, Jensen, Petersen, Poulsen etc- a male names with a sen ( son) after. But when the young men went into the army the were named after the town they came from – because it was inconvenient with 20 Jensen in a group. To this came that it wasnt posh enough with a -sen name ( when the population was urbanized ) and therefore more and more families have more and more “inventive” surnames. Today we can chose almost whichever surname we want – and maybe thats what happens in cyber. Maybe it isnt “posh” enough with the ordinary TLD’s? a special one is the new black though LOL ( I have my own heheheh)

    1. Yes, my family name should really have been Salomonsson. For reasons, that I have no idea of, my father’s name was changed to the very common name I have now. It was easier back then to change, not so much bureaucracy [he was born 1907]. Those names that they got in the military are referred to as «knekt namn» in Swedish … knight’s name. Many of them were really cool. Then we had all the clergy, they had Latin sounding names. I could make up a name, associated to my hometown, that would be Hernodius.
      The house of Nobility is online so one can read all the cool names there … Leijonhufvud, Swinhufvud and so on LOL

      My family name is so common so it’s not available with any .TLD Don’t know that I would want it anyway. Yours is very nice though.

      There are hundreds of suggested new ones. It will be a whole different game if they all go through. I could consider having one ending with .WEB.

  5. If you should take that name you had to call yourself Hermodia ( female for -us). LOL

    1. Yeah … wouldn’t that be cool! LOL but I’m too old [I think]. Besides, with a name like mine, I really stand out here in Saint John. I’m the only one! 🙂

    2. Back home, I have the most common name in the country … here, in North America, it’s basically I and Scarlett! LOL

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