My Hometown: Week Four -Unique Week

So much is unique about Saint John that I had a hard time focusing on what to show. Decided on three things, starting with FOG! There once was a radio station here called CFBC and people used to refer to it as Canada’s Fog Bound City. Located at the Bay of Fundy, we get fog … lots of it, and good quality stuff πŸ™‚ I like the fog, and the ground fog in particular, mainly because we live on the 9th floor and have a spectacular view of the neighbourhood. On those really hot summer days, the fog also takes the edge off the worst heat. I put in a graphic from our weather page, about freezing fog … I never saw that fog, but it sounded curious. [please, click on a picture to bring up the gallery!]

Can’t write a post about unique Saint John without bringing up the tides. Here you can see one of the highest tides of the world, and when it’s a certain kind of full moon [perigee moon], they’re really high! The main tourist attraction here, used to be called Reversing Falls. The name is so misleading, as there are no falls. They’re trying hard to introduce the new name; Reversing Rapids, which is accurate, but old habits die hard. It’s still being referred to as falls. I’ve chosen a few pictures here of tide running out. If I’d waited six hours, you would have seen tide rolling in. There’s a window of twenty minutes, when absolutely nothing is going on. That’s called Β«slack tideΒ». When I see all the tourist busses from the cruise ships arriving at slack tide, I feel bad, because they won’t have a clue of what it’s all about!

My third choice for this hometown week is the Trinity Lamp — also referred to as the Three Sisters Lamp. I love that lamp, but the strange thing is that even though I’ve lived here for five years, I’ve never seen it lit! One of the pictures here is from 2009, where I managed to get parts of Queen Mary II in the background.

Having said all that, however, certain things you just can’t show in pictures. One of the things I love the most about Saint John, is its people. The friendliness and helpfulness of the folks here … that’s one thing that struck me on day one! People are chatty, they say hi to strangers with a smile … puts you in a good mood even if you’re having a ‘low’ day πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “My Hometown: Week Four -Unique Week

    1. quackofdawn

      Yeah, it’s really nice here, but even this little city has its share of crime and violence, even if it is on a smaller scale..

  1. lisalday111711

    You live in a beautiful place. There is something so mysterious and magical about the fog. I absolutely love your photographs and am so glad you are participating!! Thank you for sharing and I too want to live there!!

    1. quackofdawn

      Thank you, Lisa! It is a great, little city even though the poverty level is high. I love it … it’s my adopted hometown.

      I think this is such a great idea for a blog challenge, hope it gets spread all over the blogosphere πŸ™‚

  2. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    Very good pictures- gives me the impression of the tide. The tide is not enormous here in DK, I have seen it much higher/lower in Jersey ( Channel Island), it is very strong nature powers. I am no fund of fog-there is too much of it here and often it is cold too-not at least the frozen one – uch!!!

  3. Annakarin

    St Johns seems like a nice town to live in. I really like fog, when I was a Child i Always feel like I was in a fayritale when I was fog, and Everything could happen.

    1. quackofdawn

      It’s very nice here in Saint John. It’s a small city — about the size of Sundsvall.

  4. themofman

    I’ve never been to the eastern maritimes either. My wife and I keep talking about it. We definitely want to find the time.

    I have live in BC, and she’s visited the town that I lived in but we have yet to venture further east of Arnprior.

    1. quackofdawn

      Hope you will! I remember the first time we drove in to Saint John … the ocean and everything! It was love at first sight πŸ™‚

  5. Cardinal Guzman

    I could swear that I was already following your blog and that I’ve followed it for a long time already, but now this tiny little “follow this blog” appeared when I clicked like… Weird.

    1. quackofdawn

      I have two, CG … and this… it’s probably the other one you’re subscribed to….


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