My Hometown: Week 3- Main Street

This week’s Hometown theme is Main Street … or the equivalent thereof. This sure was a revelation for me — of all the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of the downtown area, not ONE shows King Street in its whole! Parts of it shows here … also how they’ve managed to keep old architecture and mixed it with the new. The red brick buildings is one thing I really love about Saint John. During the cruise ship season, they bring the Clydesdale horses downtown and they drag tourists around. Please, click on the pictures for better viewing.

King Street is the main street. There are coffee shops, banks, art and craft shops and small restaurants. There are also two shopping malls, tied together with a pedway. Market Square, being one of them and it resides in the red brick building you see here. The other one, Brunswick Square, is located inside one of the high rises.

marigoldsonmainThere is also a Main Street, but that’s just a rather boring thoroughfare nowadays. From what I understand, that street used to be really bustling, with businesses on both side for the whole stretch of it, but in the mid 60’s they decided that they city needed renewal and everything changed. One day, each spring, little school children plant all those marigolds. They grow them from seeds in their classrooms, until they’re ready to plant. A rather cute tradition, methinks 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Hometown: Week 3- Main Street

  1. What a beautiful place you live!!! I love it and thank you so much for sharing. We have quite a few moose statues here too!! I cannot wait to see the real thing

    1. Thank you! Yes, Lisa … Saint John is a gem — a little rough around the edges, but still 🙂
      I think that moose has something to do with the big beer brewery here Moosehead.

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