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After I’d read a post, over at Light Reading, I was reminded of those days back in the mid 90’s when many of us were on dial-up connections. In my country, we even paid per minute, our phones were constantly occupied due to our surfing habits. I reminisce the time it took me 3 hours+ to download Netscape!

Web pages I visited were full of graphics — animations in particular — even animated background images, and took ages to load. I was a member of a small community that loved the fact that they were able to create a personal homepage … learn some basic HTML … and above all: put in animated gifs.

I spent many, expensive, minutes waiting for them to load … on edge all the time, thinking of what this little hobby of mine would cost me in the end of the month when the phone bill showed up.

Nowadays, when almost all of us are on really fast connections, almost all web pages are stripped of graphics … they’re almost anaemic! Personally, I think the Internet has messed with our minds! It has made us less patient, or more stressed?! If a page doesn’t load fast enough — in a split second I ask myself; ยซhow important is this … am I really that interested?ยป Most of the time, I just go away from there.

So …David’s post reminded me of all this, and I headed over to Pingdom to see how Quackofdawn was doing, in the way of loading times. I was already aware of that my background image could be rather ‘heavy’ even though I had compressed it from the get go. Just to make sure, I took it down a few notches, where it was on the verge of being pixelated.

My first result told me that the worst culprit was a ‘web font’ I’d used, so I took that away. Many of the things in the list of results, I don’t even understand, but I think it may also have to do with the server. This one is hosted at GoDaddy, so I may not be in total control.

6 thoughts on “loading

    1. quackofdawn

      Thank you! I had forgotten about that one, and it sure had changed! It is good. There’s some issues with some java script that I don’t know about. Apparently those web fonts that I’d removed, didn’t really go away. We’ll see… Overall it wasn’t too bad.

  1. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    I remember those good ole times too LOL- today I can have a speed about 10Mbit, it comes through our telephone cable. I live far away from “important” areas so there is no hope for higher speed as long as I live here. It works ok, so I am not very annoyed. It took a short time to load the picture here, but not a problem.

    1. quackofdawn

      Hej Annette,
      I don’t know the numbers here, but the speed is alright. We will probably never get fiber optics in this building, but I’m okay with the way things are now. The TV and the Internet comes in through the same … not the phone, I think. Same carrier though.

      It’s just so funny to think of how our patience has decreased … we sit there, tapping our fingers, as soon as something doesn’t happen instantaneously ๐Ÿ™‚


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