of favourite apps and layout

For the moment I’m quite happy with the customization of my blog, and that’s good so I can focus on something else. It looks pleasing to me, hopefully to others too and that’s an important part, I think, when it comes to blogging. I get easily annoyed when there’s, let’s say, a font I don’t like, or a few pixels of space between some elements … things that not many people would notice, but I can’t stop looking at it. I try to remind myself of the fact that the few people who read this, will most likely read it on their cellphones or even in an email. Doesn’t matter — I have to be satisfied, myself, with the looks of it. Guess I’m just a visual person. Also … I have to admit that it’s a lot of fun, fixing with it. This theme I use here [Suffusion], gives me full freedom!

That leads me to the apps, mentioned in the subject line. I no longer have Photoshop. At first, I felt a little lost … it struck me when I wanted to make a header image here — didn’t know what to do, or how! Luckily, I came across an image editing app called Pixelmator. The more I use it, the more I love it! For my little needs, in the way of editing, it’s just perfect and after these three weeks, since I became «an Apple person», I haven’t found myself missing Photoshop at all. PS is a beautiful programme, but it’s huge and expensive and I don’t really need it. I like to make little graphics every now and then, and for that Pixelmator does the job sufficiently.

Whatever little photo editing I do, I use Picasa … it was actually rare that I brought them up in Photoshop. Old habits die hard, and I still use Picasa on this Mac computer … which brings me to another, favourite app of mine: Web Albums. It’s a photo viewer/manager/uploader for Picasa, for the iPhone/iPad. Now that we have unlimited storage in Picasa/Google+ … when I upload my photos from the camera, with Picasa, I just set each album to synchronize with web, and I can view or share all my pictures from the iPhone/iPad. I found it at an early stage with the iPhone, and that’s one of the apps I wouldn’t want to be without! The same goes for their Flickr app.

In my ‘old life’ … before Internet … I used to write a journal … a diary, if you wish … little notes, that were quite fun to look back at a few years later. Then the computer/web came into my life, which really would have made it easier to do this, but it just didn’t happen. I started many times, but somehow the bottom fell out of it after a while. I guess there were so many other things in my online life that ‘needed attention’. However, a while back, with the iPhone, I found an app called DayOne. Started to write in it back in April and have kept it up ever since. I love my neat little timeline there, and now that I have the Mac computer, it makes it even easier — doesn’t matter what device I’m on, I can always write in DayOne. It syncs to Dropbox and I’ve held myself back in uploading pictures to my journal as I don’t want to fill up my Dropbox account, but that’s alright.

I’ve decided to keep DayOne strictly for my journal and for general notes I’ve settled for SimpleNote. At first, I tried a few others, but when SimpleNote’s app for the Mac came out, I made up my mind. They were bought by Automattic/WordPress a while back, but I have no idea what their plans are — if they will integrate SimpleNote somehow, or what.

So … the above are my absolute favourites — apps that I wouldn’t want to be without. There are many others, that I use daily, but these I have a certain affinity for 🙂

2 Replies to “of favourite apps and layout”

    1. I remember seeing that, some time ago. Need to check it out again, now that I’ve decided to use it.

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